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@mrfluke: I am going to another company not far in SF :) I'll share the new place on Twitter on Monday

AU REVOIR!! Too many Bomb Crew leaving!!!!

Naaaa, the most important part of the crew isn't leaving so that's all good :)

@mooseymcman: I'd love to do some mega-French thing with them eventually :p

@ejiehi: I know I know :D

@slashdance: le poisson? mmh mmmmh?

@zombiepie: I wanted to go to PAX but I go nuts in crowded areas :x

You guys are great; I always enjoy reading your messages :D

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... it would be a good idea to say proper bye as a staff member of Giant Bomb.

Well, to all the great people and members I have been talking to and interacting with I salute you; you guys were amazing. While shit was going crazy around here you guys understood and helped us overcome all the challenges that faced us during this launch and I thank you.

I'll be around.. posting times to times on the forum.. After all, it feels pretty cozy around here

By the way, I am that French guy from this Quick Look: Bientôt l'été

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It's very rough on the edges but the few things that are accessible are actually well-made. You can play up to 4 players on a randomly-generated planet; pretty cool for an alpha!

I wouldn't mind if the early-access price was cheaper* however I do mind when someone says that early-backing is another thing and the price should be lower. Guess what... without the early-backers there wouldn't have been a Planetary Annihilation so give them some credits and be patient. Besides... it's just an alpha and its only purpose is bug reporting (not trying the game to make judgement).

* I backed up the project because of the passion of the team and the insane idea they had... On Friday, I tried out of curiosity; in the end I am not a RTS guy but this game has a looooot of potential.

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Seems the issue is fixed

I'd really love to know which link you clicked on to get to the broken page.

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Is this link broken?

Or this one?

The latter one shouldn't work.. the first one should

If you could post back as soon as you tried so I can track the error.

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I'll double-check your account

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@raven10 said:

You survived Chicago so I can't imagine Oakland being any worse. My advice after living on the South Side of Chicago:

1. Always make sure you walk with Wrighthouse. Don't under any circumstance walk alone at night, either in Oakland or San Fransisco.

2. If you use a smartphone or other expensive electronic device don't use it while walking at night.

3. Don't walk with headphones on.

4. Most importantly, if someone demands your wallet or any other possession give it to them. Nothing you own is worth dying for. It can all be replaced.

And, yea, there are a ton of homeless people in both San Fransisco and Chicago. Just be polite to them if they insist on talking to you. Your best bet is just to completely ignore them. Avoid eye contact at all costs. Once you lock eyes with them they know you have seen them. Just stare ahead and keep walking and most will move on.

^ this

I do this everyday while I walk from/back home through the tenderloin...

As an alternative for "1." if you are alone or with your significant other: Don't talk, walk straight, don't try to avoid groups by crossing the street, eyes straight towards your destination and don't wear stuff that would make you look "weak". It's sad to say this... people with bad intentions don't need a reason to beat someone up or at least they don't need to look too far to find one.

By the way, San Francisco is a great city; it's mostly safe in the area you will be visiting.

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Hey @snail

Bug was noted and we already have a fix that will be pushed as soon as we can. We restructured the forum system so we can make improvements (speed among others) while limiting the errors.

For now, press the button once and it will eventually show up after a little while.

Fix is coming; sorry for the inconvenience!

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Ehhhhh I missed the second part of your message for some reasons. Can you send me by PM the name of the other account and its email?