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Hey all!

I'm just getting into this whole flickr deviantart etc thing but am after recommendations i like space and nature and video games but not comics any ideas are great
Cheers all!

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EU and US copies of this game are different US get all extras on disc, EU are getting it as a code and getting only a quater of the videos too

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Hey all

Wicked plugin, it even persuaded to subcribe!!

I have just got the latest version and 2 questions

1.where is the new option to select quality? maybe a nightly build bug, but on XBMC 20110921-e866112 you get script error for each menu for each site. I am using aeon mq 3 skin too. It worked perfectly before with 20110919-8af9b11 and previous builds but I did the stupid thing of updating xbmc and the plugin at the same time so am uncertain what is causing it. I keep XBMC updated nightly so will keep ya posted if anything changes.


Have tried with the default skin and was able to link account but still showing script error with any menu

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Hey all!!

Is there any news or has there been any talk of 'Classic Quick Looks' I saw the Tex Murphy games were on sale on and would love to see a quick look of the FMV games (UAKM PD Overseer) I love those so much!

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AC1 was great! But no trophies...Shakes fist a UbiSoft

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just finished my bombcasting session, been listening since 2009 but listened to them all up to be begining of 11 these past 4 weeks and it has been a joy!!!

but alphazone...well i just couldn't get into it at all, brad and vinny FTW!!!