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Hey everyone!

So I've been taking a script that I wrote a few years ago and am slowly turning it into both an interactive experience using Twine, and a full release game made in Unity. While I would love to talk about a game I'm making with my fellow duders, I want to wait until everyone can help get the awareness out and hopefully support it.

In the mean time, I am looking for someone here who speaks Russian that may be able to help me with the structure of Russian sentences, and the language in itself. The main protagonist is Russian, so the dialogue at some point needs to be translated for the sake of authenticity, and for most of the environmental assets.


For whatever reason, I posted the thread without finishing it!

So to sum it up, I would love to have any and all input kept within the Giant Bomb community. If that fails however, of course I'll have to take to the dark corners of the internet. While it may not seem it due to the lack of content to show, I am very excited to work on this project. Since I am in the middle of moving, all of my equipment is packed in boxes, so I've basically been living on a bed with this laptop the past month. So once I get the green screen back up and my work station up and running, I hope to show my progress, and new content. But for now, all I can offer is my pitch and my word.

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Your getting worked bro.

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The interesting thing about Unity is it's versatility. When you first launch Unity you are going to be overwhelmed. Fortunately however, there are a number of quality tutorials in both written and video form on the internet. These tutorials range from 2D to 3D, so you'll get a good taste of both worlds. To take it a step further, there are a number of quality books available in e-book form and good old fashioned paperback.

Personally, I use Unity as the desire of using GameMaker is only fueled when you hear about something like Hotline Miami or Gunpoint being developed on it. The difference between those games and anything your going to start out with, is that those games took many years to build up to the quality they present. That's not to say it is a bad system, just a very closed system. The structure of Unity is based on C#, but you can also code in java. Of course, Unity is a lot harder to wrap your head around when it comes to programming, but it is worth the investment. I am just a designer and artist, and had no desire to ever program. But once you get an idea for how systems work, it is actually very interesting and compelling to code your own work as you go, and see the effects it has in real time.

You also created a forum on pixel tutorials the other day. Why don't you just elaborate on the whole project rather then break it up into multiple threads?

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@rushdo said:

If EA was putting out quality titles that I wanted to play then this offer would be enticing. But most of the games they release are PC only and/or pretty bad.

I think that is the one thing people need to focus on, rather then discuss whether or not it is the right decision for Sony to make that call when it comes to what they do with their company.

While many people enjoyed Battlefield, Mass Effect and Dead Space, I personally haven't enjoyed a game produced by EA since Mirrors Edge. That's not to say I hated Mass Effect 1 or 2, It's just that when I think EA for whatever reason, I think Mirrors Edge. Considering they only have a handful of titles available at launch, it puzzles me why people are becoming venomous over Sony saying no. It isn't like we are getting or are going to get a catalog of games that many of us have fond memories of, or associate EA with, Overblood and Road Rash anyone? If the games that we wanted from years past haven't already come out, I find it hard to believe we will see them in the near future, it just doesn't seem like the new CEO of EA has that direction in mind. Instead, he wants to ape every other company and trend and hope that it holds face.

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@bisonhero: For some strange reason, I thought that's what you were talking about. How strange.

This book is definitely a first edition, first print copy of the book. They ended up making a variant cover with Jon Snow on it. I'm probably going to hang onto it until GRRM writes me back (if he even does) so I can get it signed. My intention was to buy first editions of all 5 of the books, if I still do that, I think I'll hang onto it.

Thanks everyone for listening to this story. Strange to air my personal life on a message board. But since I did do just that, I'm glad it was on Giant Bomb. Thanks duders.

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@bisonhero: The book was purchased at an independent book store. I'm not sure what is confusing about it going for $250. It was my first purchase of a book over $100, but I've seen books sell for more. The same store I picked this book up has a very rare print of The Divine Comedy selling for $1,000.

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@billymagnum: That's probably one of the better ones, but it is a lot of swallow all at once.

Derek Yu made a very handy tutorial that focuses on taking a hand drawn image and making it pixel art. Of course the process he follows is very similar to your tutorial, I guess the only difference is that it is one image, instead of several examples.

Aside from those tutorials, you'll find tons of deviant art and just random Google searching. They are so helpful, considering that's how I learned to do it. Practice makes perfect. But nobody's perfect!

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I got the book back. The store manager was very cool about it. So now I have a book I could care less about owning, but I have it back.

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For anyone interested, Sony is steaming a show in 8 minutes. "The Last of Us: One Night Live" in which the actors from the game will be performing the cut scenes live.

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So I called the bookstore on Sunday, and spoke to the manager and assistant manager. It seems that everyone that works there has become aware of the situation, as when I called they knew exactly what I was talking about. Both the the managers I talked to sympathized with me, but were unable to do anything. However, they said to come in on Tuesday and speak to the store manager, and see what he can do. While I have read your comments on what to do, I feel it is best to just be honest and hope for the best. I mean, instead of spending money on food, I opted out to eat ramen for two weeks just so I could "afford" this gift. I am embarrassed already, as this is the book store I go to for all of my books. In the event the store manager sympathizes with me, I intend to hang onto the book and just let it collect dust.

Regarding why she sold the book, I'm still not sure. She said today that she honestly believed the store when they offered her the $4.97 for it. I didn't ask why she didn't bother looking it up online, or even making sure it was actually a first edition, first print of the book. Whether or not that is the truth is irrelevant. I could imagine if I were dumb enough to give it to her a second time, she would probably hang onto it. Like I said in an earlier post, she kept the signature he sent, so at least there is that.

So to sum it up, I'll be going there Tuesday and coming home either empty handed or with a book I'll never read again.