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@citizencoffeecake: It didn't take long to do the color replacement for the Ryan skin. the M.O.D.O.K texture took a little longer, but that was because I had to split the image into sections. I am assuming if I were to use one of the characters as a template, it would take a bit, but I could definitely do it. I started to make a list of characters I could do, and of course it would take a very long time, but I am going to slowly pick away at it.

The list I have for characters are,

- Lincoln Force

- Gamespot Ryan

- Giantbomb Ryan

- GOTY 2011 Ryan

- Colonel Mustard Ryan

- Will Smith

- GOTY 2011 Jeff

- GOTY 2011 Brad / Idle Thumbs Wizard

- Pink Hazard Brad

- Luchadeer

Probably going to start with Pink Hazard Brad then redo Colonel Mustard Ryan. Feel free to offer suggestions. I would love to have the whole community suggest.

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There isn't a day that goes by without me missing Ryan. Like a lot of us, I went back to old videos and podcast's and found more warmth in them then I ever before. It was a needed part of the grieving process for me. For awhile, I actually stopped playing games all together. It has been only as of late that I started playing again. Deadly Premonition, GTA5, and Spelunky are the only ones.

It's taken a while to become competent at Spelunky, but I am enjoying the game more each time I play. 32 hours over the past 2 weeks. I play exclusively as the blue character. To me, it resembles Ryan from the Bombcast header on the old podcast page. After I found out the game could be modded, I knew I had to mod it

So here it is. Spelunky: Baller Time Edition. It s a work in progress, but I just couldn't wait to share this with the community. When done, I am hoping to have altered the majority of characters, items and enemies in the game as a small tribute to both Giant Bomb and Ryan Davis.

Though I haven't made it to Olmec yet, the resemblance is uncanny.

It is mostly just simple replacement coloring in Photoshop, but detail is very important to me. I sure hope you guys like it, and if allowed or requested, I can provide the alltex.wad file to add to your own game. Feel free to add suggestions for things to add.