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I find it very interesting mostly everyone responded with Patrick content. I'm sure a percentage of you like him and the others percentage don't, but is there more to it in terms of the content he is providing?

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I hit the website this afternoon noticed there was no new content. It isn't uncommon for a Monday to be slow, so I started listening to old bombcast as I do from time to time when I'm cleaning or messing around on the internet. But that got me thinking, and I wanted to ask it to everyone here as a way to see if my thoughts are shared.

Is there any content on the website you do not like?

Personally, I don't listen to the 8-4 Podcast and while I know that isn't technically Giant Bomb content, it is still hosted. I think it too loud and not a round table discussion like the bombcast is, and I can't tolerate that, even though some of the episodes sound interesting. Also, for whatever reason, I can't seem to stand Alex and Vinny quicklooks together. I don't have a problem with either one of them, but their two personalities don't seem to match well with a quick look environment for me.


I just realized I messed the thread title up

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@snakeitachi: I couldn't agree more.

In my case, Oblivion resonates with me more than most games do. I had just gotten a 50 inch HDTV, Surround Sound and a 360. So, when I sat back and played the game, it was one of the most immersive experiences I ever had. Even with that memory in my mind, I would still think that the music is the most defining of the series, and almost each song stands out from each other.

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His promo is cut better then CM Punks! He must be a winner!

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This is quite hard for me. It's probably because regardless of my username, or the fact that I am not very active on this site, I feel like this is a home, and people know me. As of late, I have been going through a separation after 6 years of complete investment. We brought two children into this world, whom I love dearly. Sadly though, the struggling of our family to barely get by pales in comparison to my current struggles. To save myself and anyone reading this from the long, painful and embarrassing story, I'll just talk about the most current situation.

On the 5th of this month, as I was packing up my rental truck to move to my new house, I knocked on the door to my ex's mothers apartment, who lived directly below us. I just wanted to say hi to my oldest son, as I hadn't seen him in a few days. Her mother lied and said I threatened to kick the door in and that of course brought the cops around, and resulted in my ex obtaining a PFA against me. When we wen't to court, after I paid a lawyer a large amount of money I didn't and don't have, was able to finally see my children on the 14th, along with a bunch of bizarre guidelines and schedules as to how and when I see my kids.

Fast forward to today, as of this moment. I got a new job that is in the day and pays just about the same as all my previous jobs, which is not enough money. My rent is due in 2 days and I have no a dime to my name. There are other outstanding bills that need to be resolved that I do not and will not have the money for, and wont for a long time. My ex, is simultaneously talking to two new men, one of which is the guy we broke up over, who I made several efforts to drive him away, only for him to come back.

While most of this sounds tame, the reality of my situation is weighing on me, and has since we broke up almost 3 months ago. All I ever wanted in my life was to have a family. Mine was crap. And while I am half to blame for the failure of my relationship, I don't want to give up hope on the ability to bring it all back together, and have that one thing I wanted most in life. But now, with this black cloud over my head, I can't seem to find a way out. And while I've thought and researched my options of suicide, a handgun seems to be the only safest, and quick way to do it. So on the 5th of September, with the paycheck I have, I plan to end my life.

When Ryan passed, I vowed to make the most of my life and strive to be as happy and impact the world like he did, but that all vanished in the blink of an eye. My biggest worry is what will happen to the few I know and my ex and children. How will they react. I am partially making this thread for help, but as a way to get out my feelings and not be judged.

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I had a feeling everyone would listen to them. They are unlike any of the other ads that run on podcasts.

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@wonderva said:
@mikey87144 said:

Apparently this raised a lot of money compared to years past.

Yup, some may call it stupid, but the whole dumping ice water on one's head sure did spread awareness for this foundation. Really sad that the guy who came up with the idea of the ice bucket challenge died from a diving accident this past weekend

Am I the only one who thinks that looks exactly like Danny O'Dwyer?

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@branthog said:

Nope. Your great grandkids will barely know anything about you. Their children won't know you ever existed. Within a century, you'll be a meaningless name somewhere back along the family tree for the one or two people that bother to put one together in your family.

If you're a popular author, a pop star, a movie star, a porn star, a politician, an artist -- you'll be forgotten within decades, unless something significant happened to you like a major controversy. In a hundred years, only a few of the most popular of each of those fields will be known. In the long run, you'll have your Hitlers, your Lincolns, your Einsteins, Nixons, Tolstoys and *maybe* a Spielberg. Who even knows if half of that list will mean anything more to anyone in a few centuries.

The percentage of people who will have ever lived who will have any lasting impact on people around them -- much less society and civilization as a whole -- for any real duration is almost infinitesimal. Norman Borlaug easily saved a billion people, recently died, and is scarcely known. There are hideous mass serial killers and torturers with tallies of dozens or even over a hundred who are only known by name among those who are infatuated with serial killers lore.

So if almost all of the most notable and generous people who contributed to mankind and even the most of the brutally violent and hideous and horrible will be forgotten to time (and not eons -- but decades or centuries) then what is the probability that you or I or anyone who will ever read this will have any impact to be important ten years from now. Or fifty. Or a hundred. Or five hundred? And that's just here. On this shitty little speck of dust in one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the vast universe which, in itself, probably isn't significant, either.

In other words, no matter how great or horrible you are, it probably doesn't matter. So if you're just an average joe doing average stuff within a standard deviation... nothing really matters. How you spend your free time, who you fuck, how many you do or don't fuck, what kind of car you drive, how nice you are, how much of a dick you are, how big your retirement fund is, or what your career is and how much time you spend reading... is all irrelevant. Do what you want. Regret stuff you wish you had or hadn't done, but don't do it on some weird philosophical or moral account that you feel society shames you into. Only regret things you personally truly regret. And know that even those things don't matter outside of yourself, mostly.

Hell, look how much time I've wasted from our lives by writing this and making you read it. And even that doesn't matter. :)

Very reassuring. Maybe I should just exit to stage right then

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Happy Birthday Jeff!

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When I was a child, I would often go my mothers work and hang out in the break room. They had a 4 card snk cabinet that had Windjammers on it. I tried to call several years later to try to purchase it, but it was long gone. So some of my youth was actually spent playing that game a lot.