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Diablo 3: A Hardcore Postcard 0

Diablo 3: A Hardcore PostcardWhat can you really say about Diablo. It’s a series that has always reacted to the world around it. I missed out completely on Diablo 2, but have played enough to know what a mephisto run is. Thankfully a lot is lost from that game made 12 years ago. You are no longer scrutinizing over every stat allocation, or stacking potions and scrolls in your precious inventory. Everything is refined to fit a more streamlined play through. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place f...

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The effigies of Dark Souls 0

I’ve been struggling to figure out how I wanted to approach Dark Souls. It has been nearly half a year since its release, and I couldn’t find the words to talk about it. So let me just talk, and see where it goes.It takes a whole lot to actually make me impressed with a game. It is rare you get that very tight, lushes looking mistress that indulges you and your every fetish. Most of us have been doing this for twenty years, so some habits are easy to indulge; and impossible to break. It doesn't ...

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