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Souls series, I just hope there is another Souls game before the gen is over.

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I'll be waiting no problem. With so many other games under my radar I'm not in a hurry to play it. Dark Souls will have me occupied for a long time anyway.

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What answer do you sincerely expect from the DkS forum?

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This game looks gorgeous enough anyway so the PC wouldn't contribute much in this regard, although I agree the PC world would certainly benefit from it, consoles is where it's at I'm afraid. 

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Why delete it when you can simply stated that it was scrapped or postponed. No need to delete information.

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I'm an avid HVGN follower and I gotta say his work is sometimes superior to that of James'. Not only does he provide more desirable information but his analysis leans towards both positive and negative aspects and not only rant and rave about the game. Still the AVGN is fun to watch and always put a smile on my face.

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I agree with most of your points, however, who buys games at launch anymore? I can only think of the FPS crowd who can't live without sponsoring Activision & co. and can't wait for price drops like many of us do.

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Infamous 2, not because it's better but because I didn't like what Visceral did to Isaac...

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@Klei said:
I highly recommend to start with Dragon Quest 8, if you can find it of course. It's one of the best Jrpg's of the last decade. Still, Sentinels is a good choice.
On the PS2 right? Yeah, a lot of people have recommended me that game.