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Cheap PC port. 0

The Graphics are awful. Grass sprites and decals become visible just ahead of you making the landscape look rather dull and empty. Not much lighting going on either.. everything is evenly lit. There are no settings for AA/AS or anything other than Resolution, Texture size and Motion Blur.  The races are boring and easy. You go straight most of the time and occasionally strafe around a long curve by tapping the handbreak. There is almost no oncoming traffic and no penalty when you hit a wall. I c...

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Gigantic No-No! Stay away! 0

God awful PC port! It's mind-blowing that Rockstar let this out of the door. 1) Very poor interface. Clearly not tested with a _Mouse_.2) Performance hunger is pretty close to Crysis - but without looking good at all.3) It effectively forces you to install and use the Micro$ofts Games for Windows software to SAVE your game. (Yes, even when you buy it on steam) ..... WTF Gabe?!Seems like they just unloaded the 360 SDK from Visual Studio and let a intern work on it for a few weeks. While trading i...

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