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Just posting in here to confirm the Surface RT video player issue

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When playing a video on my tablet I can't touch the full screen button or volume, the video will just pause or resume. Same issue was on seaserpent

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Watching anything on the site other than youtube has become unbearable.

Example: vf_tnt_041212_1500.mp4 13.7 kB/s - 185 kB of 537 MB, 11 hours left

Doesn't matter what video it is, the speed remains the same. All other sites and services work fine

This is on multiple pcs just to see if it was a weird issue with this one, wired and wireless.

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really sad, rip

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@ignignort said:

Is it possible to have the option of changing between streaming and progressive?

Just thought I'd ask again, streaming isn't a viable option for me even on a good 20mbit connection

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This is getting kind of gross, for people who paid full price for this they probably knew once the numbers start to go down lets switch it to f2p. Just leave it like that from the start if you think it's going to be successful.

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Is it possible to have the option of changing between streaming and progressive?

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@sdornan said:

@ignignort: Unfortunately, that's only an option on the Plex app at the moment. Which app are you using?

Hey there, thanks for the update! I've had a look at all of them EXCEPT plex!

I wanted to use my macbook and hook it up to my tv, so I'll check out plex, thanks again :)


Can I add a request that if possible we have the option of progressive/streaming. I never seem to be able to get a stable enough connection when streaming for some reason, yet if I choose progressive on the site the video loads very fast. Tried to play a video on plex, which works great. But the streaming option for me makes this un-usable.


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Is there a way to change video quality? HD is awesome and all but living in Australia with bandwidth caps sucks!

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