Vidya Gaem Lookalikes

So I'm not much of a writer.
Instead I'm gonna share some video game-related lookalikes I've stumbled upon on separate occasions, starting with the less obvious:

  Minezumi (New Pokédude; Pokémon Black/White) - Ludwig Von Koopa (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Aside from the single big tooth, there aren't many similarities between these characters. Moving on... 

 Yagrum Bagarn (Last living Dwemer; TES3: Morrowind) - Xerxes, as played by Ken Davitian (Meet the Spartans)  
Morrowind was a great game. Meet the Spartans was, well... a movie. Moving on.... 

 Epitah (Stone enemy; Final Fantasy IX) - Stone Gargoyle (Recruitable stone creature; Heroes of Might & Magic V) 
They hide behind their precious stone tablets. The cowards, the fools!

  David Boreanaz (Vampire from Buffy) - Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5)
You'll have to get really up in the faces of these guys in order to spot any difference. I won't, out of respect for both persons.

  Robo Manus (Battletoads) - Random monster (Galaxy of Terror poster)
Now, these two freaks of nature have a lot in common physically: Glowing red eyes, segmented necks, protruding sharp teeth and some wing-like appendages that probably wouldn't take you anywhere, no matter how hard you tried.
  Grizzly Bear (TES2; Daggerfall) - Bobo the Bear (Muppets Tonight)
I swear I've seen that bear elsewhere....
  Random Rapeface (Genesis cover for Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage II) - The Governator (Japanese commercial)  
The unenlightened can read about the commercial here.

...And that's that. It's getting late and I should probably go to bed. Peace out.