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Japan, eh?

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Don't delete the Napalm Strike one!

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No spears or crossbows... <=(

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Vvardenfell exploded and Black Marsh turned into zombieland in-between games, so I'll probably be a disgruntled Dunmer or Argonian.

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@pweidman said:

" Many complain about the leveling system, but if the enemies didn't lvl with you, the game would have been way too easy and boring as hell by lvl20 imo. "

This would've been easy to fix. Just add more dudes. 

Edit: I also hated that one couldn't talk one's way out of conflicts. Most of the quests were just "Go there, kill that".
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@yogetoutdaway said:

" I've yet to see anyone mention how they "loved" the parts where you have to fight the airship assholes, or the tripods, or navigate that trip mine room, or walk on the struts of the bridge.... Yeah, fun right? NO! "

 They didn't detract from the overall experience. It's not like any of those were actual challenges or anything.
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@TheDudeOfGaming said:
" get +5 endurance every level,start of with the max endurance=high powered character. My friend didnt even level his endurance,he completed all secondary quests and then proceeded to the planes of oblivion, couldn't finish the game XD "
It really isn't too hard to simply run past any obstacle and grab the sigil stone.
Efficient leveling is stupid and shouldn't be required in order to enjoy the game.
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@HumanityPlague said:
" You shouldn't.  Case closed.  HL2 is just not fun for sane people, is all.  Just ask Jeff. "
When it comes to Half-Life 2, I pick metacritic over Jeff's opinion any day.
TooWalrus, tell your friend Jason that he has good taste in video games.
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Later in the game, you lead a bunch of bugs in an assault on a prison. 

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"Sex can Wait, Masturbate!