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@patrickklepek: Fair point, though it might have helped if you had linked to those articles in the original post.

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@ihateyouron: Actually, I've expressed my own inability to read, jokes on me, I guess.

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While I agree with the your sentiment, Patrick, I feel like this article is sort of a missed opportunity, you could have gotten the same point across in a twitter post. I don't mean to come across as a dick by telling you what you should have done, but you could have used this as an opportunity to explore this phenomenon beyond this one particular game; doing so might have led to a more engaging, and perhaps more self evaluating, article overall.

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So, I'm in the process of working on a video involving the classic Sega Genesis game Fatal Labyrinth. I'm aiming for format that is similar to the A Life Well Wasted podcast, except with a focus on one particular game, and a heavy emphasis on video game music. So now that you've heard my basic elevator pitch, here is my dilemma, Fatal Labyrinth's soundtrack is incredibly dull and repetitive. While I do want to showcase the music and poke fun at what I consider to be a charmingly terrible game, I think that with only 7 tracks on the OST it would get kind of monotonous over the course of a 20-25 minute video.

Apparently I'm the only one who finds this game entertaining, there is surprisingly little information about this game on the internet, and there are no remixes available on OCremix.org. So, and I hope this is not considered "soliciting", I was hoping I might find some talented individuals with enough free time on their hands to remix some of the music from this game to add some variety to the audio portion of my video.

Here's a link to a playlist consisting of the game's full soundtrack.


And if you're the type who refuses to click links here are a few embedded tracks.

Also, I'm really interested in hearing from anybody who has played this game or has memories of playing it as a child. If you have some sweet knowledge you can drop on me, it'd be much appreciated. I would prefer to get some actual soundbites of individuals actually talking about it (so if you're interested please message me), if that's not your jam still feel free to post your experiences here in this thread.

Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this kind of thing, I've also posted something similar on the OCremix forums. I'm trying to cast as wide a net as possible.

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@the_nubster: I may be mistaken, but I believe you can still use your white/purple pikmin to multiply with pellets and enemies above ground (they carry them to your ship). If I remember correctly, they're sort of deliberately limited in the early parts of the game.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the first game stick with it. Personally I much prefer the structure and level design of Pikmin 2.

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@agentboolen: Sega is doing pretty good? Maybe from a purely financial perspective, but they are most certainly not the same company that put out weirdo bizarre games like Space Channel 5 or Jet Set Radio. Even Sonic, which has been their flagship franchise since 1991, has fallen so far from grace that for the past 10 years pretty much anything Sonic related has been a complete joke (with Sonic Generations, and to a lesser extent, Colors, being the only sort of Ok games that I can think of).

While I don't think Nintendo would completely lose sight of what made them great, I think we'd definitely see an even greater reliance on B-tier franchises like the NSMB series. Why would they ever bother investing in the R&D that led to games like Mario Galaxy if they're not also using those games as an example of why you should buy their hardware?

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@dookysharpgun: Well, I suppose you and I will just have to agree to disagree on the quality of those games. However, I would like to clarify that I didn't mean to imply that you were jumping on the hate bandwagon. I agree with most of your criticisms regarding Nintendo's release schedule and their policies. However, again, I will have to disagree with you when you say that it is too late.

Anyway, again I apologize if I came across as inflammatory, it's just that this thread presents many perfect examples of people who seem to have already made up their minds about Nintendo, and offer no reasonable suggestions as to how they might turn things around.

@jasonleeson said:

@ihateyouron said:


I mean, has the NSMB series really tainted the brand so much that people are completely apathetic towards any game with Mario in the title?

No, but it's been 6 years since Super Mario Galaxy. 6 years since an honest-to-god step forward the Mario name.

Conversely, look at the Metal Gear franchise. 25 years old and still not afraid to push forward, with V going open-world for the first time.

Mario Galaxy 2 was released in 2010, which although it didn't really shake things up, I would still say it is a fantastic game that, in many ways, is superior to the original. Mario 3D Land was released in 2011 and is also lauded as one of the best Mario games in many years. I mean I understand what you're saying, but I think it is sort of unreasonable to expect Nintendo to completely reinvent the wheel with the Mario franchise every couple of years. If a game has solid mechanics and maintains a high level of quality, is that not enough? I think your Metal Gear comparison is a little ridiculous.

To clarify, that isn't to say that I think Nintendo shouldn't try to innovate with the Mario franchise, I just think it is really unrealistic to expect a Mario Galaxy esque paradigm shift with each new entry in the series.

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@dookysharpgun: I completely disagree with you when you say that Nintendo has driven their properties into the ground, I won't say that you're wrong, but could you please specify exactly what you mean by that? Please list a few examples of properties that Nintendo has "driven into the ground" or as you put it "fucked them up royally."

Perhaps you and I interpret those phrases differently, because when I read that I don't think of the mediocrity that is the NSMB series, I don't think of the beautifully flawed Skyward Sword, I don't think of even think of Metroid: Other M (which I would say is probably the worst "Nintendo" game of the last 10 years, and it wasn't even developed by Nintendo internally) I think those phrases imply something much worse.

I mean, has the NSMB series really tainted the brand so much that people are completely apathetic towards any game with Mario in the title?

I don't mean to lump you into this category, but I honestly think that certain people are so eager to jump on the Nintendo hate bandwagon that they're completely ignoring the quality of the games that Nintendo puts out, and are mostly just reacting to the fact that they aren't new IPs. To some extent, I'm with those people. I too want new IPs from Nintendo, but I still recognize that they maintain a pretty consistent level of quality with their titles, more so than pretty much any other publisher that I can think of.

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I found the ending of Demon's Souls to be pretty underwhelming, not the actual ending cinematic, but the "fight" before that (if you can even call it that).

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