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@tyrrael: Yeah. And I don't care about 60fps. I mean yeah, it looks nice, but also kind of weird. I don't really play a lot of games that require tons of speed and precision on the part of the gamer. I don't have a hard on for 1080p either. I'd be perfectly happy with 720p/30fps, if that meant it looked nice and ran without a hitch (or any tweaks and shit). I also find PCs to be a big hassle even outside games, even though I don't exactly feel useless around them.

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@oursin_360: @kidavenger: @believer258:

It was a bit under €800 and not €900 as I originally stated. That included Windows, but no peripherals, or monitor. i3-2120 and AMD HD 6770, 8 gigs of DR3 dual channel ram, dh67gd motherboard. No, they're not impressive specs, but I was nevertheless disappointed in their performance. I could've probably shaved off a bit from the cost, but didn't have the interest to shop around. And yes, it would have been cheaper in the U.S.

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@jesus_phish: Actually, I checked the receipt and it was €800, not €900, so that might explain a little bit. No, I didn't buy a monitor. I did have to buy windows and all that jazz. Also, I could've probably shaved off a bit from that if I had shopped around more. But Finland is generally very expensive when it comes to tech (and everything else).

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@viking_funeral: Yeah, that's kinda the feeling I'm getting. And yeah, you make good points. Thanks for the advice! :)

And thanks to everybody else too!

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@sccdemir said:

That's a question you can only answer for yourself. Look at both platforms' release schedules and decide on which games you'd want to play most on and where. PC is as such a platform you can only get the most out of if you really drop some sizable amount of bucks on it. I wouldn't kid myself if I were you, what is now considered an average computer today, if you want to have a stable experience, is one and a half or two grands at least, but like I said make your decision based on the games you want to play, you already said you have some amount of coming in, in the future so put your money where you think you'll spend your time the most.

As a side note: 30 fps on a console and on a PC is from what I've seen, definitely doesn't feel the same. Games just don't run on 30 fps on computers as stable as they do on consoles.

Yeah, that's kinda what I was afraid of. I don't think I'll be able to spend two thousand bucks on a PC. That's a lot of money for me. I can get a console for a quarter of that, and even if the games cost a bit more, that extra money will buy a lot of games. I guess most of the games I'm interested in will be available on all platforms, so that's not really a deciding factor.

Right now I'm reading through all the "pc gaming problems" threads on this forum, and I'm reminded of just how little I care for all the tweaks and headaches that come with that. Maybe I'm just a dirty console peasant.

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I'm very surprised to hear that you built a PC for €1200 (I'm in europe too) and it didn't surpass the power of a 360. That does not sound right at all. I bought mine about that time too, three years ago and it cost about the same if not a little less and the only game I've had trouble running better than a console is Watchdogs, because it's a bad PC port.

If you don't mind the whole fps/p things and you're happy to play on a console, the next question is will you be happy paying more for your games and dlc on console than on PC?

It was €900 (or about $1200) and those €300 probably make a big difference. I guess? I just didn't have the cash back then to put that extra money on the gpu/cpu.

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Hey guys, maybe you can help me out!

I'm at a point where in a couple of months I'll have enough cash to buy either a new console or a new PC (or upgrade it, if it's viable anymore). I've pretty much given up on the Xbox One unless something radical changes, so I'm looking at either PS4 or PC.

Last gen, I had an Xbox 360, which I was very happy with, and three years ago I bought a new PC for about €900 (about $1200, but since everything is cheaper in the U.S., it's probably more like $900 or less). I've been much less satisfied with the PC. I built if from scratch, it wasn't a shitty build, but it nevertheless struggled to give me performance better or even equal to that of the Xbox. Which I was pretty disappointed with. Some games ran better than others, but a lot of the time I had to settle for 720p and medium settings (or less) to run a game smoothly. I don't know if this is common or not these days.

I didn't really have more money to spend on it at the time. I might have a bit more to spend in the fall, but I'd rather buy a PS4 if it plays games smoothly (30fps is fine with me, as long as it's stable) than spend twice the money on a PC which is not all that much better. How much would a new rig cost me at this point? I haven't really kept up with the hardware news since I bought. Or should I just settle for a PS4?

I don't play dozens of games a year. I really only have time and interest to play about ten games a year or less (although I may buy more, especially with Steam sales). I guess I could still run the indie games on my current PC if I bought a PS4.

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@anund said:

The Witcher confuses me. I love RPGs, but I can't get into any Witcher games. I think a big problem for me is I can't create my own character. Dragon Age on the other hand... I loved the first one and I didn't find the second one as offensively bad as others did. The only real problem with two was the repeated environments (which was a big problem, to be sure), but that didn't bring the whole game down for me. So I am looking forward to DAI more.

The characters, Geralt in particular, are a big part of what's great about the Witcher universe. The games, while great, don't quite do the books justice in that regard. Even though there are some choices you can make in the Witcher games, it's really about having the opportunity to play as Geralt and interact with that world and those characters, as opposed to creating your own unique character and adventure. I think that the story, world and characters in the Witcher games are just much better than in Dragon Age, although this is obviously a matter of taste. They're still not up there with the quality of the books.

I love Dragon Age too, though, and I'm psyched about both games.

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@crysack said:

@erhard said:

I still can't fucking believe this thing got made in the first place. Who the hell thought playing shitty phone games on a TV was appealing?

The impression I got from the reddit polls where the devs were asking people which games they would like to see on the system was that people genuinely thought that the ouya would support the likes of Skyrim/Dragon Age etc, and the devs deliberately didn't do anything to refute them.

Interesting! That would explain a lot, actually. I can understand that people would get hyped for a new, "indie", crowd-sourced/funded AAA-gaming console to rival Microsoft and Sony.