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@sagesebas: Yeah, it wouldn't take all that much persuading to make me go gay for the man. But we're getting sidetracked here, this is supposed to be an Ana Appreciation Thread!
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@sagesebas: Yeah, Dave is way more awesome than Drew.
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@Axxol said:
" Never heard of her until the Big Live Show. She's kind of cute imo. "
I saw her on some Tested video and heard her on the Comic Vine podcasts not all that long ago. And she was showing off her moves in the Comic Vine ComicCon coverage. She's hot. They should put her on the podcasts and infront of the camera more often!
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I would've tried my luck, had I been there, definitely.

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@MarkWahlberg said:
" You are not the medal your avatar wears You are not your HD videos You are not your on time bombcast You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else You are the all-seeing non-paying crap of the Webz "
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@Impossibilium said:
" @Ihmishylje said:
But as far as selling this site as a product.... Well, I just don't think Giant Bomb is a viable product in our current economical climate.  I guess I don't value this site as much as I thought. But then, money does tend to bring out the worst in people. "
  A site with as much traffic and target demographic as GB can be sold as a product. The staff just don't want it to be. While integrity is awesome and all that, it makes it harder to pay the bills. Until you find that one perfect match up with an advertiser you like money is still leaking, so waiting too long is a bad idea. You either get some dick pills online or you join the internets graveyard. "

I guess I don't communicate myself very well.  A lot of sites get a lot of traffic, yet that doesn't mean they could sell them as a product. I just don't feel like review sites in general can justify a price. The real draw of the site isn't even the reviews etc. but the funny little videos and podcasts of them goofing around, which cost virtually nothing to produce, save for their  "man hours" which I already explained, shouldn't really be man hours to begin with. The rest of the site is just trailers and news, which are essentially ads, even if the site gets no money off them.
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@Lind_L_Taylor said:

" Man I didn't know I was sharing the site with a bunch of vagabonds, hobos, &  jobless fucks! For all those kids that keep saying they're broke, why don't you roll up your sleeves & use the lawn mower to mow someobdy else's lawn for $10?  Do that 5 times & you got $50 & that can be done in probably 5 hours or so.  I just can't believe people are just sitting around saying they don't have money & don't bother to get up off their lazy ass & go make some.  The overall laziness is appalling, even for $5 fucking dollars.  When I was in high school & I needed a little cash, I'd just skip lunch & pocket the lunch money I got from my parents.  I have no excuse for paying. I have a job & I could go for a few years without one should I lose it one day.    For me to sign up, I'll need the Bombcast Crew to give me a call & say pretty please with cherries on top.  Like Jerry's Kids! "

You say that as if the unemployed are second class citizens. Well, i'm sure they are to you. I probably shouldn't even respond, but I find it offensive how people get on their high horse about having a fucking job. Anyone can get a job, there's nothing to it. It's just that more often than not, the money isn't worth the effort. And sometimes, just sometimes, people who are poor aren't just lazy, they may actually have a debilitating condition. But I guess it's too much to ask for people to make that distinction.
But, whatever, in an ideal society none of us would have to resort to wage slavery. And yeah, I know, we don't live in an ideal society. But that doesn't mean you have to bend over whenever someone takes their dick out.
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@Undeadpool said:

" @Ihmishylje said:

" I'll quote myself from another thread:



" The problem that I have, is that it feels too much like a business now, which sort of takes away from the charm of Giant Bomb. It's always been a few seemingly very nice and quite educated and intelligent guys having a good time on camera and on podcasts. And that was nice, and I would've preferred a donate button -- I would've sent them a few bucks every now and then, to support their shenanigans. But them directly demanding money for content seems a bit too much, considering what they are actually offering. A few funny quick looks and an enjoyable podcast just don't seem like a product you can sell. It's just some dudes goofing around. I now realize I only enjoyed the site because it cost me nothing, because I wouldn't pay to hang out with my friends, although I would help them out financially if they were in need and I was in a position to help. And, granted, the Giant Bomb guys were never friends of mine, but they managed to feel like they could've been, had I run into them randomly. They don't anymore, they feel like a corporation, and that's a real shame. "

Then please, either one of you, explain how they can make money off of "charm" alone? I see so many people talking about how wrong it is for them to charge money for optional content, but not one of them floats an alternative. "
I guess I don't expect them to make money off the site. Like I alluded to, I think the videos they do should be something they do for fun, on their spare time. It's not like they do that many of them, and I'd rather have quality over quantity anyway. The rest of the site is kinda useless for me; nobody comes here for news or trailers or reviews anyway. What happened to doing stuff for fun? Must everything you do these days be a product you have to sell? I guess this goes deeper than Giant Bomb: It's not that I'm a die hard socialist or anything, but I don't find this economic system reasonable to begin with, and within this economic system, I don't find Giant Bomb a product you can sell.
How should they make money, then? I don't know. Like the rest of us? I don't mean to sound bitter or envious, because I'm not. Well, not about this, anyway. I think it would be awesome if they could get away with doing this shit and not much else and still afford a decent standard of living. But as far as selling this site as a product.... Well, I just don't think Giant Bomb is a viable product in our current economical climate.
I guess I don't value this site as much as I thought. But then, money does tend to bring out the worst in people.
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@Teclo said:
" I wish I had a really nice reasonable argument, but it's really just because to me the internet = free. The slight perks you get for paying for things never really seem worth it, no matter how cheap. If YouTube made you pay for HD videos, I really couldn't care less. I'd be more than happy with SD. If Facebook charged me for sharing photos, I'd just share them with my friends physically, in real life.
I guess it's because websites that go into subscriptions know they can't really afford to be subscription-only, and they know that if they restrict free users too much, they may as well have gone sub-only. So they end up throwing a very small bone to their subscribers while still giving non-subs the real meat of the website. I guess it's kind of like if a restaurant offered free Sunday roasts BUT NO MINT SAUCE ALLOWED! But however, good sir, if you pay £50 a year you'll get mint sauce with it too. "
I think that's a nice, reasonable argument, the one that you go on to elaborate on there.
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@jediknight00719:  I guess my problem is that I don't think Giant Bomb is a product that I'd want to buy. It's one thing to want to support some guys goofing around and an entirely different one treat it as a business model. I think most people do know how a business works, I think it's condescending to assume otherwise. It's just that internet reviews about games or whatever isn't a product people are willing to buy and the rest of the site is just a few funny quick looks and a podcast, all of which more or less is some friends hanging out and having a laugh. Granted, it's amusing to watch, but also something I feel like almost anyone could do on their spare time, for free. If they ask money for it, I begin to asses them like a product they are selling -- which they are -- and they stop feeling charming and endearing and friendly and they start feeling like a corporation. Which of course they always were, but they managed to hide the fact pretty well. All this talk about man hours and what have you just reinforces the idea of this site as their primary means of making money which just sounds unreasonable. If we were living in a different kind of economic system, that would be cool, but we're not.
I feel like maybe all of this could've been avoided if they'd've just stuck a donate button on the site or something. Now I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth and I'm saddened to say I'm not sure if I'll continue frequenting this site anymore.