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I guess I will point out that this is coming out because the beta will be 900p on Xbox One. Though I am happy to see that most people in this thread share the same opinion as mine that a constant frames per second (60 preferred) is more important.

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The franchise is just too old. It will always have a special place in my heart for nostalgia reason, but seriously Dragon Ball Z is over 10 years old since it originally aired in the US. It also has been over represented in video games (64 games according to the wiki).

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@sillybigwillie: It comes out July 2nd. Xbox 360 releases always come on on a Wednesday.

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@hunter5024: This update changes how you can unlock the other Titans. You unlock the Stryder at level 15 and the Orge at level 30. You can still unlock them in the campaign as well.

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@dixavd: Not just the moon from Majora's Mask, it is being pulled down by someone. Could that character be the Skull Kid?

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Some screenshots:

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@wolverine: It is ridiculous, but it does not increase your Gamerscore.

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There already is a thread for this:


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Respawn has just released details on the next Titanfall update, which is pretty substantial (and pretty awesome!):

  • Featured Game Mode - We're introducing Featured Game Modes into our playlist rotation. These are game modes that will be available for a limited time only. New Featured Game Modes will be introduced periodically to replace any outgoing Featured Game Mode. Our first Featured Game Mode is Marked For Death, and Wingman Last Titan Standing will follow shortly after.
  • Marked For Death - A player on each team will be marked for death! Kill the enemy mark while protecting your teammate.
  • Titan Burn Cards – 14 new burn cards that add amped Titan weapons and enhanced Titan abilities. You won't lose your selected Titan Burn Card if you die as a Pilot, only when you die as a Titan. There is an orange highlight around Titans that have Burn Cards equipped on the Titan Counter HUD and Titans with active Burn Cards have an indicator near their health bars.
  • Titan Insignias – Want to show off your accomplishments? You can now select from a host of emblems to customize your Titan. Insignias are unlocked by completing challenges but if you've already completed the requirements, that emblem will be ready to use when the update installs. Two emblems come courtesy of Penny Arcade (thanks, PA!) and another recognizes users who completed the "Gooser" challenge the hard way.
  • Matchmaking - We've made improvements to matchmaking & team balancing. Now, teams are rearranged just before the level loads, to further balance the teams' skill and player counts. You'll notice that you're greyed out in the lobby until teams are set. You'll also notice "Connecting…" as players join a match.
  • Titan OS Voices – Players now have 3 Titan V.O. options to choose from including the classic "Betty" as well as Jeeves and Lisa.
  • More Titan OS VO - New helpful warnings and observations from your Titan.
  • Challenge Tracker – You can now select which challenges you want to work towards and find them easily. You can review your tracked challenges during a match by bringing up the in-game menu.
  • Lobby Music – The ability turn lobby music on or off.
  • Updated Menu Art – Menus get a new coat of digital paint with additional art. The Main Menu background movie has been updated as well.
  • Audio - Killing a Pilot now plays a special sound effect to the killer and unique sounds are played when killing a Pilot or Titan via Titanfall.
  • Auto-Titans – Your Auto-Titan will now use all Titan abilities. If you've equipped electric smoke, it will deploy electric smoke when it gets rodeo'ed. If you've equipped the particle wall, it will deploy a particle wall when it is under fire.
  • Rodeo - You now see the name of the Titan you rodeo.
  • Burn Cards – You'll notice a Triple Burn Card selector on bottom right of the HUD after you die. It's a reminder to use your cards and a convenient way to select them.
  • Burn Card overflow protection - To protect players who have a full Burn Card deck from losing the opportunity to earn valuable rare Burn Cards, you may now exceed your maximum deck size. However, you must discard down to a legal deck size before you arm new Burn Cards. To make this less obtrusive, the maximum base deck size has been increased from 26 to 46.
  • Burn Card Deck Limit tied to Gen level – Maximum deck size is increased by 6 cards per gen on top of the base 46 with a maximum of 100 for Gen 10.
  • Drift Guard - New "Movement Drift Guard" gamepad setting in options.
  • Unlocks – You'll still be able to unlock the Stryder and Ogre chassis by playing Campaign, but you can also unlock them in normal MP modes. The Stryder will unlock at level 15 and the Ogre at level 30.
  • Win/Loss Streak – Your win/loss streak for the last 10 matches is now displayed in the lobby over the image of the next map.
  • Achievements – If you bought the Expedition DLC for Titanfall you have a new set of achievements to unlock by playing the DLC maps.

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I do not understand this mentality of "downgrading" for console parity. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is no reason to do that, if I have a gaming PC and I see that X game looks the same on the PS4, am I going to buy it on PS4? Not for that reason. There is no way that leads to more sales on any platform. Anyone with a gaming PC knows the PC version (unless it is broken) will run faster and better than the console version (assuming you have a kick ass PC).

Games are always optimized for the platform they are on. E3 demo's and released footage is almost always on a beefed up PC. Then for release they optimize it for various PC configurations and the consoles it is on.

In the case of Watch Dogs (and Ubisoft already confirmed this), they were removed because it caused instability in the game. That's not to say it causes issues in every PC build, but maybe it was most and then they decided to remove it.

So of course The Division will not look like it does in those controlled E3 demo's. How is a industry practice for years now under scrutiny?