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@yesac2004: Actually I heard through Polygon's Arthur Gies that the embargo for Far Cry 4 is this Friday.

Specifically 11/14/14 at 9am PST - Source

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I enjoyed it myself as well, I thought all the characters were fantastic, and it was great they managed to introduce a team that the audience had no previous knowledge of (unlike Avengers) and still give the characters depth.

The only problem I had, is the plot is very similar to Thor: The Dark World. It is like the Infinity Gems are holding the movies back (aside from The Winter Soldier, which it was absent until the after credits). Both movies include a forgettable villain trying to get a world destroying weapon, and the good guys have to keep it from them / stop them from using it (with much more interesting subplots in my opinion). I honestly hope the other movies steer away from this, but it seems Marvel is continually building to the Avengers / Guardians / Others vs Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet for Avengers 3, so they are going to keep popping up.

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I guess I will point out that this is coming out because the beta will be 900p on Xbox One. Though I am happy to see that most people in this thread share the same opinion as mine that a constant frames per second (60 preferred) is more important.

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The franchise is just too old. It will always have a special place in my heart for nostalgia reason, but seriously Dragon Ball Z is over 10 years old since it originally aired in the US. It also has been over represented in video games (64 games according to the wiki).

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@sillybigwillie: It comes out July 2nd. Xbox 360 releases always come on on a Wednesday.

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@hunter5024: This update changes how you can unlock the other Titans. You unlock the Stryder at level 15 and the Orge at level 30. You can still unlock them in the campaign as well.

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@dixavd: Not just the moon from Majora's Mask, it is being pulled down by someone. Could that character be the Skull Kid?

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Some screenshots: