Holy Fuck Batman!!!!

Just finished the main campaign for Arkham City and have to admit, Mark Hamill was not shitting around when he said this was his last time playing Joker. That being said, Paul Dini has scripted yet another rich plot that never fails to twist your nuts with a wrench just when you think you got shit figured out. Looking forward to finishing the side missions and gonna hold off on new game + until the batman skins pack gets released in December.


I love reach

Yes the title says it all, and now that I have played the shit out of it, I think it's time to move on to forge and start making some crazy ass custom games.



It is so hard to think of 20 different things to blog about, at least for me.  Now I dedicate this particular post to not just the completion of the chaste monk quest, but also the entire lend me your ears quest set.  Ding.


Yay for free content

So Ubi decided to not only release the defective USB content from their site, but also make it available to anyone for download.  I just grabbed it and I got to admit it is pretty neat.  It comes with the theme song, renders, screen shots, a comic book, character bios, a making of video, and more.  Thanks Ubi.  Much appreciated.


Why do my headsets keep breaking?

I don't know why, but all the wired headsets I have used on my 360 have broken and I have resorted to using my old Halo 2 headset until I can find a better option. This coupled with battery issues leads me to believe that the time has come to put my 1st generation 360 controller out to pasture and get a new one.



Just received my copy of Red Faction Guerrilla and the Darksiders Digital Hell Book.  Haven't had a chance to crack um open yet, but I am just glad it finally arrived after a month and a half.  Once I finish Splinter Cell, I will most likely go back and finish Darksiders before I even touch the Hell Book content.  Unfortunately that means Red Faction is gonna stay sealed for a long time.  Also on a side note, I am a little miffed that my copy has the UPC damage, but it was unavoidable I guess.


Why I will probably end up going back to World of Warcraft

I have had a bad track record with that game.  A friend let me try his account and I got hooked, played pretty hardcore until about 5 months after TBC launched.  I quit then eventually came back for WOTLK and played that for a bit.  Now with Cataclysm coming up, I fear I may fall back into my WoW addiction.


Not the biggest comic book fan but...

am strongly considering getting into the Blackest Night series.  I have always liked the Green Lantern series though I haven't devoutly followed it.  Unfortunately I will most likely end up waiting for a graphic novel compilation.


Easy Achievement points

So far I have only heard of Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth and the TMNT movie game.  I also checked out Spider-Man: Friend or Foe and it too seems pretty easy to 1000 point.  I will keep checking and update on any new games I find.  3000 Points to start seems pretty decent for any aspiring achievement hunter.

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