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    So, it's been a year Mr. Davis. June 3rd, 2014 as of today.
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    Any Cardists here?

    I was thinking if there were any cardists in the GB community.After some... significant events in my life, I decided to finally pursue cardistry back in February of this year. I'm still a complete ama...

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    Currently, it's been Satellite Stories and their album Phrases to Break the Ice.I discovered the band when I was digging up some old cardistry videos by Tobias Levin, and stumbled on this: It's pretty...

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    There's a Dave Lang... in ALL of us.A Chicago jerk, lurking in the deepest, darkest recesses of your soul.An irrefutable urge to cuss, yell, and make flash games.

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    @unilad said:Hello Day of Defeat.Every symptom, indeed.

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    I wish I could still say that I'm from Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines......but now I'm in Seattle, Washington. Decidedly a little less exotic.

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    Ten years of my life.Looking back at it all and laughing with those guys. A decade went by, and it both feels like: so much has changed, yet so little has. That includes me, and this community. It's a...