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So many flourishes to learn, so little time.

I learned Maverick about 4 days ago:

I'm currently practicing Fairfax (with complex opener) in my spare time:

I think cardistry is never boring, and cardists are never bored. All it takes is a deck, and I can practice anywhere. It's fascinating to see your audience get lost in the flurry of exploding moves, but yet it all collapses back into a neat deck. Deconstructing a flourish to its basic parts to practice feels like tinkering to me.

My backlog stretches further than this: Mockingbird, Bondax, Lego Love, etc...

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@humanity said:

I'm getting worried if this will release as a framey mess or not. This whole generation has been a showcase of struggling framerates.

The optimist in me hopes that the extra time would help prevent this. The pessimist in me wonders if that's actually enough time to iron things out (going back to the aforementioned trend).

It's hard being me, sometimes.

Apart from that, the extra waiting time and potential crowding at release date doesn't bother me, change my opinion, or alter my purchasing decision.

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I grew up watching a butt-load of tokusatsu on TV after school. Kamen Rider has a very special place in my heart. Kabuto, arguably, is my last modern favorite. The newer "themed" ones just aren't doing it for me. I think it needs another reboot: a "back-to-basics" "back-to-form" fresh start. I REALLY tuned out after the sommelier one.

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The absolute nonesense that is Space Dandy.

There's a whole episode parodying John Romero's zombies.

A completely comedic take on The Thing.

A homecoming episode mixed with Groundhog Day.

Hooters in space, called Boobies.

Makes fun of Google, Twitter, Instagram and social media.

Gung-ho, womanizing hijinx.

One throw-away character that parodies Michael Jackson and Dragon Ball, that needs to be seen to be believed.

The English translation is superb. There's actually better and more jokes in the English dub.

Yeah, Dan would like this. Plus there's almost no continuity, anyone can pick it up from wherever.

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If they're re-releasing this remake, (oh God, is this really happening?), then that's some movement on the franchise.

That could mean a possible few things:

A) Capcom's become complacent enough to just rehash RE. (Hopefully not.)

B) Capcom is planning to do something with the franchise (possibly reboot), which is why they're catching us up.

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WOW, really?

Justin Calvert and Ryan McDonald? They've been there forever, and they were part of a GS Golden Age when the bombsquad still worked there. Ryan's been there since practically Gamespot's founding, along with Jeff. Those were the days... and I'm getting old.

But I guess seniority doesn't guarantee anything.

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For starters, we're not magicians. It's the same as juggling or skateboard tricks. And yes, "cardist" sounds unfortunate, but it's seems to be the appropriate name (just see United Cardists).

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Currently, it's been Satellite Stories and their album Phrases to Break the Ice.

I discovered the band when I was digging up some old cardistry videos by Tobias Levin, and stumbled on this:

It's pretty dumb, but I was hoping to learn a few moves from it. The song used is called "Kids aren't safe in the Metro".

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There's a Dave Lang... in ALL of us.

A Chicago jerk, lurking in the deepest, darkest recesses of your soul.

An irrefutable urge to cuss, yell, and make flash games.

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I wish I could still say that I'm from Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines...

...but now I'm in Seattle, Washington.

Decidedly a little less exotic.