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If they're re-releasing this remake, (oh God, is this really happening?), then that's some movement on the franchise.

That could mean a possible few things:

A) Capcom's become complacent enough to just rehash RE. (Hopefully not.)

B) Capcom is planning to do something with the franchise (possibly reboot), which is why they're catching us up.

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WOW, really?

Justin Calvert and Ryan McDonald? They've been there forever, and they were part of a GS Golden Age when the bombsquad still worked there. Ryan's been there since practically Gamespot's founding, along with Jeff. Those were the days... and I'm getting old.

But I guess seniority doesn't guarantee anything.

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For starters, we're not magicians. It's the same as juggling or skateboard tricks. And yes, "cardist" sounds unfortunate, but it's seems to be the appropriate name (just see United Cardists).

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Currently, it's been Satellite Stories and their album Phrases to Break the Ice.

I discovered the band when I was digging up some old cardistry videos by Tobias Levin, and stumbled on this:

It's pretty dumb, but I was hoping to learn a few moves from it. The song used is called "Kids aren't safe in the Metro".

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There's a Dave Lang... in ALL of us.

A Chicago jerk, lurking in the deepest, darkest recesses of your soul.

An irrefutable urge to cuss, yell, and make flash games.

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I wish I could still say that I'm from Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines...

...but now I'm in Seattle, Washington.

Decidedly a little less exotic.

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Ten years of my life.

Looking back at it all and laughing with those guys. A decade went by, and it both feels like: so much has changed, yet so little has. That includes me, and this community. It's a strange mix of nostalgia, solidarity, and bittersweetness. The things we loved will never stay the same, yet somehow still be there, if we know how to look. We didn't care at the time, we were all just having fun. But now, all we can do is hold on, while looking forward to the new.

Growing old is weird. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. It's amazing how stiff in front of a camera some of those guys were. Almost as if they weren't used to being recorded. I'm looking at you Shoemaker.

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@perilator666 said:

@pyrodactyl: Why is farming souls in Things Betwixt useless but farming souls on just as dull boss fights isnt?

Bosses are more lucrative, and, theoretically, is more abundant than regular enemies. By 'abundant' I mean that: you can farm the enemies about 10~ish times before they stop respawning at the current difficulty level, but you can mine the entire player-base for bosses. Also, Things Betwixt is probably the lowest yield enemies, because they're the starter enemies.

Plus there's virtually zero risk dying at a boss fight as a phantom. No corpse running if you die, and only your consumables get spent. Winning a boss fight as a phantom also restores your Estus, Spells, Hexes, and Miracles when you get back.

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Yep, still good.

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Hey guys, just thought to leave an open invitation to the GB community if anybody is interested in a squad.

In case AC:VD hasn't made it clear, (which was really obscured in ACV) being in a squad lets you pool your resources and progress together. In ACV, parts unlock as the team grew in experience, therefore joining an experienced team already netted you parts. I'm not far into AC:VD, but I'd bet team progress still nets you substantial rewards.

The name of my squad is Battle Squids (Xbox360/United States). It's a play on my username. It's a casual team that's just looking to have fun, not have serious commitments, and will support players who just want to check the game out without having to slog through it with a one-man squad and never experience group benefits.

Battle Squids was originally a squad formed by some friends and co-workers in the original ACV. Unfortunately, I've had a harder time convincing the same people to come back to AC:VD.

Personally, a busy adult life has made me barely touch the game, yet. I'm "leaving the keys at the front door", essentially, for anybody in the GB community who's looking to easily jump into a group.

Hope to see some of you there. Cheers.