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Right because Bethesda's engine is buggy free amirite? There was nothing wrong with Kotor 2 other than the fact that Lucas arts rushed it. It overall had better expansive dialogue than the first. I experienced no bugs what so ever in Alpha Protocol, its so annoying seeing people rag on devs like Obsidian and turn around and praise Devs like Bethesda (who can't write to save their lives) and Bioware (releasing shit like  Gears of Mass Effect 2, & Dragon Age of War 2 for the casual masses).

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The designers can pump their game up all they want at the end of the day, i completed DA2 once, the same way i did Mass Effect 2 for an RPG? thats a serious problem.

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You definately should, you may buy origins and realize just how ridiculous DA2 is.

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Bethesda ain't got shit on Obsidian when it comes to writing and dialogue, New Vegas is better.

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Bros, its all about that Aveline & Varric. TRUST NOONE but Aveline & Varric they are your true friend, maybe Anders too even though  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content., he still never goes against you. Aveline & Varric will also side up with you no matter what and thats why they're gangsta. Then again Merril does side with you if you decide to help mages or templars but still SHE BETRAYED YOU in the fade plus its her fault the keeper died and everyone in the camp was slaughtered, she's an idiot.

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@Mike76x:  Besides the ending Kotor 2 was superior to the first in every way. The first Kotor also had glitches,  and i beg to differ MOST of the characters were better and more diverse compared to Bioware's usual copy paste characters in every game, Obsidian has always been better at writing and dialogue trees than Bioware with their "Yeah, Lol Yeah, FUCK YEAARRR"  dialogue. Bioware is much better at creating universes but they could take a lesson from Obsidian when it comes to writing. 
Kotor 2 is definately not the tragedy Dragon Age II is, the only reason the fanboys hate on it so much is because its not by bioware. I'd say be glad Bioware didn't make Kotor 2 it probably would have been ME2 & DA2 lol. What issues Kotor 2 had was mainly because lucas arts rushed it and not because of Obsidian. Honestly at this point if there was ever a Kotor 3 announced i'd want anyone BUT Bioware to develope it since their intent on destroying their own franchises. Kotor 3 by Bioware just might turn into the force unleashed.
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Its not like the poster was wrong though. Bioware is dead. Baldurs Gate? original Kotor Bioware is never coming back, the buyout from EA ensured that, atleast we still got Valve!!!!!

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I don't hate Jade Empire, it was a good attempt, they were just lazy with it. It was incredibly short and didn't have much depth compared to their other titles, the combat system also needed more inspiration, the actual game, lore, and the characters were great though. 
Anyway OP why did you list Kotor 2? surely Kotor 2 is better than DA2, Kotor 2 might have had a really crap ending but its dialogue and its mechanics were certainly superior to the first Kotor.

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DA2 was lazy, i'll give you that. 
Fallout 3 was straight up the most boring game ive ever played though as is most Bethesda's games, Morrowind was good.

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I think a lot of us figured it was developed fairly quickly as it was lazy, even lazier than Bioware's Jade Empire. Kinda lost a bit of respect for them now that they like so many other good devs have changed and are now destined to streamline all their games. DA2 wasn't just lazy with the game itself, or the story, or the characters but with its soundtrack and delivery as well. There wasn't even a good CGI video like there was for the first one, but then again Bioware did the same thing with Mass 1 & 2.