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And to think ive been going to her house expecting some hidden conversation i missed this entire time! thank you. I was seriously ready to kill her though....somehow.

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Yeah ok so i'm pissed cause i kinda had the perfect team going (Aveline, Fenris, Anders, Mage Hawke) and ever since the mission i did with Merrill and that damn mirror and killing the keeper or "elderly elf" as i call her. Merrill is locked in my party, the mission is over, yet this hooker is still locked in my party. Please get her out! i am open to suggestions even if it means killing her :| is there like some place i can take her where she dies? and we can ditch her elven ass! she's being a serious troll right now and i don't like it.

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Mage Hawke, Anders, Avaline, Fenris is all you need for an unbeatable 4! We took down the Dragon in bone pit easily.

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To be honest the majority of the characters are whiny, i like Anders & Merrill only because they always approve with most of my decisions in game everytime its some dealing with magic or even helping people Isabella, Fenris, Hawke's brother will get mad and be little bitches. So i pick the characters that don't force me to be Emo. Fenris is with me now though even if he constantly disaproves with all my decisions. He annoys the shit out of me sometimes with his magic racism.  
Avaline, Varric, Merrill, Anders are probably 4 of the hardest people to piss off in game. I swear i wish the sister didn't have to die just because you're a Mage because i seriously can't stand Hawke's retard of a brother. Fenris racism against mages was enough we didn't need two of them! they should have just made Hawke's brother similiar to the sister in personality. Instead we get a jealous little piece of shit.
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@LordXavierBritish said:
" @iKANNIBAL said:
" The way OP types annoys the shit out of me, why are you yelling? and why are you repeating yourself and explaining useless information to us in detail, we get it! basicaly i just wanted to say that. "
Because people can only hear me if I type as loud as possible. "
Well i don't like it, it makes me so angry i could just strangle a fat woman, stop it now.
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Can someone please tell me how to kill Anders or atleast make him go away, i don't want to be gay anymore its no fun!

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I like the game, but is not better than DA: Origins, neither is ME2 to ME1 sure i may like the characters better in ME2 but it was meh. Since Bioware is doomed to streamline all their games i think it would be best if Kotor or Jade Empire just stayed dead.

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The way OP types annoys the shit out of me, why are you yelling? and why are you repeating yourself and explaining useless information to us in detail, we get it! basicaly i just wanted to say that.

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I can't because its on PS3, but just imagine the sexiest Hawke you ever seen. Thats mine. Looks like a Norse god and a model. There's some Alexander Skarsgard in there as well.

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Don't hate on Anders now. 
Let me tell you something. If you're a mage? with a good amount of defensive and Dps abilities? with Anders, Avaline, Fenris in your party you are an unstoppable force. Both my Mage and Anders have the Spirit Healer tree filled out. Both have defensive and offensive abilities. At the beginning of each fight i have where both my character (i never play as hawke i mostly fight with Fenris) lay down the glyph of paralysis most enemies get trapped they start throwing down AOE moves putting people in stone debuffing them and buffing the party. By the time Avaline & Fenris get in there they rape. 
We fought the Dragon and its minions at the bone pit and i didn't have to use one health potion or mana thing (i have items that put the mana back up pretty fast espeacialy for Hawke plus Fenris has moves that builds it up) My character's willpower has become so high that i can basicaly use every single spell i have and not even use half the mana bar. Fenris died right when the dragon was about to die and it was only because i let him die because i was just going to bring him back with regroup.