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I will probably choose mages, because i am a Mage, and mages rock.

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I dated Anders with my male character but now i tire of him because he's so gay i mean jesus he's like an annoying little fuck with his constant lovy dovy crap. I'm at the beginning of the 3rd act helping him get rid of his spirit thingy or w/e QUICK someone tell me how i break it off cause i want to sex Avaline. Is the pirate chick coming back? cause i never got to sex her. 
And GASP i saw  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content., quick! how do i sex her?

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Dubstep makes me want to kill myself. I'd honestly rather listen to Britney Spears entire discography as much as it would kill me, it would ultimately sound much better than dubstep.

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I just call her, Blondie. 
If im mad at her Blondie becomes "Stupid blonde whore".

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Well my sister had to go with the templars so now its. 
Sometimes i might replace Sebastian with Ferris for his awesome abilities and tankage, but Sebastian does pretty well. I'm still pissed off that my sister was equipped with some powerful equip at the time she had to leave, the bitch.

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@Bennyishere said:

" I kinda see your point, but it's a good way to force the player to mix it up and try other tactics. I use Varric in my fantastic four. He's amazing I think, I get the feeling you didn't set up his tactics correctly or something. Some of his abilities are amazing. "

I'm sure he is amazing when time is spent on him. 
But for me, the main characters i plan on using are the ones that are pimped out the most,  i tried my best giving the warrior chick (w/e her name is i forgot) good shields and stuff i picked up along the way, most of the stuff i didn't need was sold to get better stuff for the main party who were going to be used more than just for a speacial mission, Varric has some left overs and he's pretty good at taking hits, but the majority of his abilities seem to blow in comparison to Beth's & Anders. The pimping out the main characters were excellent as a result the majority of the main characters i use simply don't die. If they do its because someone else in the party is the weakest link (in this case varric) . 
I am a Rogue, Varric is a Rogue, two Rogues in one group is pretty suckage and thats one of the real reasons i avoided using him and the pirate chick. If i was a mage or warrior i'd have no problem having him in the party. 2 Rogues aren't needed. We will get past it easy enough its just harder with Varric. That is the first time i died playing and it was Varrics fault!
Also i have great weapons for Varric, i picked up and kept a lot of them the real problem is, Varric is to weak to equip any of them. Its not like i suck working with a weaker character, its not like we go in there and die immediately no the boss health was basicaly all gone you could not even see his health anymore, but because of varric....ugh.



" You are going to LOVE that mission of his where you are stripped of everyone but Varic. Yes, that means even Hawke is gone. "

Are you serious o.0
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They force you to have certain characters in your party on certain missions the deep roads for example i had my party the way i wanted it goddamit, i didn't want that archery hobbit he screwed up the fantastic four! (3 mages & Rogue). Seriously i am at the rock monster atm his health was almost down all the way, and then death to us all and why you ask? because of the damn hobbit. If they would have let me have Merril with me like i wanted we wouldn't have died i feel like the fantastic 3 are carrying this useless midget. Why couldn't he just randomly show up in scenes when we needed him instead of having to fight with us? i want this bastard out my party now! He has a horrible weapon with like 17 something damage when the rest of us have 28 dmg weapons and all kinds of power rings, chains and what not.  He's nothing but a punching bag hogging health i would like to not waste heal spells on him but if he dies that just means more aggro on us. Dammit Bioware dammit, i wanted Merril.

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I hate when people tell other people what not to spend their money on because of their "own" disapointment, as if we all some how should feel the same way you do. I am loving the game.

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Troll your friends back. 
My friend once said "Swedish people are gay" as a status message no doubt directing it at me so i just posted as my status "Irish people are ugly alcoholic inbreds with small penis".  It caused a status message war ofcourse but i got my point across didn't i?

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I'd take any generation before 2002, with the exception of Rock, Rock imo in some ways has gotten better, but 2002 was the year pop died forever. 
I think the thing i miss most about the before 2002 era, was no autotune. The 90's was the last decade that we would ever hear pop singers actual voices again. Back then autotune was used as a sound effect and not as a full voice.  9 times out of 10 most pop artist don't write their own music the least they should do is be able to sing the song. After the 90's noone needed to be able to sing, ever again :(