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But seriously now, 90's! 
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" @Catolf said:

" @MAST:  nothing wrong with speaking out against homosexuality, it would be silly to think everyone is a-ok with it, but still.. the way your wording things.. you MAY want to fix it a bit. Just saying. Cause..wow..



"Being homosexual" is existing while being attracted to a person of the same gender.  If a gay man lived his entire life never being with a man, he would still be gay.  I am a straight male, I like women, If I never acted on that desire I would still be straight. Action doesn't affect your sexual orientation any more than it does your gender. "
Fantastic point. "
In older cultures, there wasn't a taboo associated with homosexuality and everyone slept with everyone.  The fallacy in this black or white argument is thinking just because someone is more attracted to a girl doesn't mean they're repulsed by men. If you can gauge your own attractiveness, and you can, fact is you'd probably have gay sex. The only thing holding you back is the cultural paradigm you live in. Being gay means being attracted to the same sex more than the opposing sex. There's no hard rule requiring you to be absolutely repulsed by the opposite sex in order to be gay. "
This is true. 
Also though people try to make it out like it was just the Greeks/Egyptians who had no issue with homosexuality even the Vikings had no problem with homosexuality, they didn't care aslong as the man still  fulfilled his duties by spreading his seed with a woman.
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My main character, Hawke is a Rogue tank. 
I have 3 mages in my party, Anders, Merril, & Bethany, all are tanks, i have them set up so they all let out Temptest, Firestorm, and other AOE moves at the same time, they literaly kill everything in the room LOL. Combined with the stunning/confusing abilities of my Rogue all 4 together equal a force to be reckoned with.
Merril is my designated DPS, she has all sorts of sick damaging moves she rapes people with, Anders is my healer, and Bethany is DPS/Controller/Buffer.

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Bioware did this to make it so that you could have a possible relationship with the majority of the characters regardless of gender. Its thats simple. Take a hint, if you don't want the characters to be mad at you when you don't swing that way, stop making flirty comments with them. 
I wouldn't call it overly gay at all, most of the "Bi" males in the game act masculine as fuck. I could see the point in your arguement if the male characters all went around like "Ohhhh hey girlfriend we all fabulous up in here" while in glittery pink clothing but c'mon you're overreacting.

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" @iKANNIBAL said:
"  my sister became even hotter! "
Incest is bad, m'kay? "
Well all blue eyed people are related, so technicaly a lot of us myself included are the products of incest xD
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Well to be honest with you the Elves in Origins weren't Elves at all, they were humans with long ears. I'm glad their not hot, beastiality is wrong.

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" Well, it wouldn't make too much sense if your Middle Eastern Hawke had a family of white British people.  Unless your Hawke is actually Ben Kingsley. "

Well, my sister and i are Swedish but my brother is some how Native American :/ 
It seems like your mother and uncle changes too, the mom is hot now.
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I had no idea the appearance of your brother and sister changes depending on how you made your character look, i made my character blond with a sexy hairstyle and a light mustache and my sister became even hotter! I'm so glad i chose the Rogue role because she's far too hot to die now!

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I'm never racist, and if i was it would be absolute irony considering i am two ethnicities who went through extreme prejudice and racism when they first arrived in America even by the KKK lol. I did tell my Black british friend to go eat some chicken but we were both playing on stereotypes.

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