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I guess I'd say it's acceptable but I don't tend to do it. It feels good, especially when working or exercising in the sun but I only do it alone or with people I know.

I've been working outside in the heat all week and I've managed to keep my top on, I find that a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt [as long as it's not made of thick cotton] isn't really much worse.

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EDIT: It was recommended to me by someone and yeah, I like it. I'd recommend it to others.

A crime drama with touches of comedy, and it just has a lot of personality. It's something quite a few crime/mystery drama's lack and hopefully (I'm not too far into it yet) it will keep it from becoming formulaic, which is something that plagues a lot of shows in that genre.

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Saints Row: The Third.

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@SomeDeliCook: Ha. I remember that mission well. Like all good dates I passed out on the way back [to the dorms].

Forgot to sleep the night before. xD

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@pyromagnestir: @Grimhild: @PenguinDust:

Adore those song choices.

You all have wonderful taste... at least I think so.

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Yep, I do that loads.

It's easily my favourite past time.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Wow, is that you?

You look totally ripped. :P


Voting for the Velociraptors. Though I think a million spiders might be a little much really.

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Yeah, from what I played I really liked it. I'll definitely continue. Thanks.

I was actually playing it on Hard before as I enjoy a challenge and I was going through a bit of a 'achievement junkie' phase back then too. I'm gonna keep going on Hard but hey, if I come to you saying it's too difficult, feel free to rub this in my face. :P

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Lovely read.

I really do need to get my Xbox sorted so I can continue The Darkness. I've only played the first hour or so.
Though truth be told, I know a lot of the major plot points (including ALL the stuff you included in that spoiler).
Do you think it's still worth playing?
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The only thing I've ever disliked was when the GB crew talk about music genres that they know nothing about because they never admit their lack of knowledge and instead act as though they know everything. Not specific to them, it seems to be a bit of an American thing.

Falty DL is probably the only american who knows what actual Dubstep is... the rest just think they know.