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I approved of more content for non-premium member. It always feel weird when UPF is sometimes basically a bunch of quick looks that normal user has no access to. Premium show should be restricted to games that is really experimental or older games I think.

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just beat it today kinda feel let down after all the hype, the ending was eh, it kinda just happen, I didn't really feel connected to the characters at all. I'm a picky player and pretty much every game I've completed this year is better than brother.

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Added a bunch of people here. Please add me as well, I'm therabit on steam. Just started playing it and rather enjoying myself. First pinball game since that free table on windows.

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You own 399 games worth: $5,286.05 USD

total spent using enhanced steam: $1,424.46

with all the bundle and amazon key I've prob. spent about 1600-1700 over 7 years

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just me, that's it. All the other accounts are LIES!

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I always feel like rewatching clue when halloween rolls around

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Been farming the islands in the last few days. Paid off some debt but not getting enough money still. I don't want to think it but I might be getting bored of this game lol. It's fun for a while but now I'm stuck in a loop of farming and fishing for money, takes so long lol

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I'd recommend:

Starcraft 2 decent sing player (even though I didn't bother to finish), amazing multi player with tons of custom game and maps.

Total war shogun 2: amazing deep strategy game, control huge army, build diplomatic relations, backstab people to take over Japan

Crusader King 2 or EU3: really deep grand strategy games, both are similar so you can prob get only 1 depend on whether or not you prefer europe only setting or world wide domination and what kind of game play you like.

wadjet adventure games and others: throw back to the good old day of PC gaming, you can get them cheap and beat them in a few days.

Dota 2/LoL: both are super addicting

spider web RPG: dated graphics but amazing story and gameplay

PCSX2: not really a game but allow you to play your PS2 library in HD and widescreen with save state. Make it a lot easier to replay older RPG

Other than that pretty much any current gen multiplat game is better on PC. If there's one you're interested in, get them on PC.

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you already bought the system so there's not much I can do but to give my 2 cents:

I spent too much on my vita ~170 for system, ~90 for 32gb card and about ~150 more for ps+ and games and it has not been worth it at all for me. The only games I have played so far is VLR and uncharted, they were nice games but not worth paying that much for. Most of the worth while games on vita are either ports or indies that I can get for dirt cheap on the PC. There's no point in paying 10 bucks for stuff like limbo and hotline miami if I can get them for like 2,3 dollars on the PC.

I like to idea of having access to Persona 4 on the go but I haven't touch it yet because I already beat it on the PS2. as for psp and ps1 games I prefer playing them on my psp go since it's a lot lighter.

Overall I've spent about 450 on the system and games, prob about the same amount I spent on my 3ds and games but while the vita got about 40 hours of play since I bought it the ds has been getting hundreds and hundreds of hours of play time. It's just not worth it.

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finally unlocked the island today. Spent my entire free time block tonight going out fishing and catching bug. Caught a bunch of rare one but decided to donate to the museum so I'm poor still. Working on landscaping my island a bit with coconut and other fruits. My garden store is being built and hopefully I can get an axe tomorrow to start trimming some tree and grow shroom.