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I'm not sure what a "Nintendo-like solution" is. Does that mean the plan is to have weak third party support and then a really dope Zelda game?

Austin, I think I love you.

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Giant Bomb, your source for hard-hitting video game journalism.

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I feel like I fall into this rut a lot, especially because I spend a lot of time playing WoW, which is so easy to play while zoning out unless you're doing bleeding edge content or PvP. Mostly I find that this only prevents me from playing games that I'm only sort of interested in, or prevents me from finishing games I'm finding that I don't like as much. When it comes to games I really love, I'm able to put the YouTube videos down, put some headphones on, turn off my second monitor, and really enjoy them. This has become a big contributor to me having unplayed or unfinished games on my Steam account. I buy games because I think they'll be "alright" or to try something just to see if I like it, and then never launch it because I never sort of "make the time" to play that game when I can just play WoW, listen to a podcast or watch a video, and also dick around on forums at the same time.

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@amyggen: Actually, I did click the links and read more about it before commenting. That didn't change my perspective. To me, this is a story about a company I don't know, started by a person I don't know, that was developing a game I had never heard of. It might as well have been a local news story from Beijing. It is *extremely rare* for this to happen with a news story on Giantbomb for me. Rare enough that it was absolutely worth pointing out, and in pointing it out I also reveal that perhaps that might in some small way be why they are shutting down. They failed to generate interest in themselves and their product. From watching the game trailer and from others' comments about the trailer, it definitely seems like it failed to engender any kind of interest or excitement.

If no one knows about or cares about your product or company, you're probably doing something wrong with your marketing/messaging and you're less likely to get support from investors. Note how they had a failed Kickstarter a while back.

I wasn't making a drive by comment. I was efficiently conveying my reaction to the story, one which I'm sure a lot of people share, and which had been carefully considered.

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@amyggen: I'm sure a lot of people share my sentiment. Your post, however, as a metacommentary on a comment, is even more useless than mine. Congratulations.

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I've never heard of this studio, I've never heard of Robert Bowling, and I've never heard of that game.

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I hope Jeff wins and they give him a physical award and he puts it in a prominent location on the set.

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@fredchuckdave: I hope you're joking about TB being "more professional" than Jeff. TB literally sticks his foot in his mouth about every 2 weeks, and has been doing that for the past 9 years.

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I voted, now where's my sticker?