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I can't believe this was 3 years ago now. I feel old.

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Guys guys guys! My mouse wheel changes the volume! In VLC, I mean! Why doesn't exist on every video/audio player plugin/software/whatever?!?! The freedom! The utility! No more sliding some too-small slider or fiddling with hard-to-reach buttons! Someone make this everywhere!

WinAmp has been doing this for like 15 years.

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I've been working on my version a bit. I realized shortly after I posted it that as I had done it randomly rather than sequentially, it would eventually show the same image twice. I'm working on fixing that right now, but here's a version that runs much much faster (60 fps, can reach 200 fps but my monitor is only 60 hz so I'd be missing frames) and actually has functional web hosting that shouldn't 404 an hour later.

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If anyone wants to stare at 320x240 pixels of random static to divine the future, I created a webpage to let you do that.

Have fun. Just give me 5% of your gross profits gained from future knowledge.

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Same here. Firefox 26.0, Windows 7 64 bit. Did a ctrl+F5 to no avail.

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@wrighteous86: By always filtering those people out, he is effectively saying he wouldn't hire them, because they're never going to make it to the final stack. Out of 100 people, there are always going to be a few who, e.g. kept working at the local grocery store for 5 years throughout high school and part of college. But a lot of the time those people are just lucky or unambitious, and it doesn't necessarily identify that they have some kind of positive work quality.

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Discounting anyone under the age of 24 for not staying at the same job for 3+ years is completely unfair. Any older than that and I'd agree with you. It's pretty much impossible to keep the same job that long from 16-24 even if you wanted to.