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Just play it already. 0

This game is damn near perfect.  The combat is fun, the story is compelling, the voice acting is amongst the best of all time, the graphics are top-notch, yadda, yadda, yadda.  All of this you could read in other reviews, and likely have.  Here are the two reasons I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5:  1). Combat:  It's fun (as I said), but I couldn't figure out the proper button timing to get a high multiplier score.  This is probably because I'm inept at such things.  I would think that if I worke...

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Great game, but could have been better 0

I thought "Resistance 2" was a pretty good game, especially what it was doing with its XP system.  Rather than keeping all aspects of the game separate, "Resistance 2" combined single-player, 8-person co-op and multiplayer XP (and, thus, your rank in the game) into a single number.  This allowed people that only liked one or two modes of the game to only play those and not be punished.  I wish more games would do it that way.  While I enjoyed the single-player mode of the game, I really, really ...

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Best shooter on the PS3 0

I bought the game when it came out, and since then have beaten it twice.  The single-player experience is excellent and captivating, while the multiplayer is second to none on the PS3.  I still jump in from time to time to play on the excellent maps shipped on the disc, as well as the great DLC maps that have been released since then.  The multiplayer section of the game includes multiple different player classes, as well as the ability to switch some of each class' abilities between the other c...

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