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@patrickklepek I just wanted to point out a mistake. People who are "partners" on twitch also get 60 days of archiving, and partners don't necessarily need to pay to be one.

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@mrmazz How about in a hour and a half from now. So 11 AM PDT

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@mrmazz: Well, since we both are on a first round bye, we have until June 9. So it does not matter to me if we do it this or next weekend.

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Hmmm, I dont know. You would think Dan would not be so obvious

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Can someone please explain to a foreigner like myself what was.... what happened there? What's up with this "satellite radio" thing?

It was a porn channel on SiriusXM. SiriusXM is like DirectTV, but for your radio

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@razielcuts: When Jeff drives home. he turns on a Mixlr broadcast on his iPad and we pretty much listen to him listen to the radio (unless guests are on). Only thing plug in is the [cool] charger cable, the radio is just being pick up on the speakers of said iPad.

Also, I don't know anyone named SodaPop. Don't be crazy.

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So Jeff does a thing on his drive home. Something funny happen on it last night. I put it in this youtube clip so people can see it. Also, this is a channel on what they call satellite radio thats being played.

(The audio is something people might consider NSFW, warnings are made)

This is the first time I did this type of thing, so don't be surprise the quality is poor.

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