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@rorie Hey Rorie, usually when these Pax posts happens in the past, it also included the panels that the GB people are in at PAX also AKA The Royal Rumble, Patricks internet panel, 404 anding It that Alex is in, and that hunger games thing jeff and dan are in. Did not know if you left them out on purpose or not and I also know you are on vacation so sorry for bugging you

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@patrickklepek I just wanted to point out a mistake. People who are "partners" on twitch also get 60 days of archiving, and partners don't necessarily need to pay to be one.

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@mrmazz How about in a hour and a half from now. So 11 AM PDT

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@mrmazz: Well, since we both are on a first round bye, we have until June 9. So it does not matter to me if we do it this or next weekend.

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Hmmm, I dont know. You would think Dan would not be so obvious

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Can someone please explain to a foreigner like myself what was.... what happened there? What's up with this "satellite radio" thing?

It was a porn channel on SiriusXM. SiriusXM is like DirectTV, but for your radio

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@razielcuts: When Jeff drives home. he turns on a Mixlr broadcast on his iPad and we pretty much listen to him listen to the radio (unless guests are on). Only thing plug in is the [cool] charger cable, the radio is just being pick up on the speakers of said iPad.

Also, I don't know anyone named SodaPop. Don't be crazy.