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Over the last year there hasn't been a day that goes by where I don't think of Ryan for some small reason or another. Such a great guy that touched the lives of so many people in a such a meaningful way. Miss you Ryan, may you rest in peace.

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Kirby, ON, Canada

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Just beat him last night, and as @marokai mentioned, I had Lulu sorted out with Fira as my main heavy hitter. Auron does good damage with Fire sword as well, and I used Haste wherever possible. I rolled into the fight with 5 of my 6 characters ready to overdrive, so once I killed the hands for the first time I unleashed overdrives. Concentrate on killing that head after killing the hands for the first time, once the head it out of your way everything becomes much easier. My summons didn't help much as Ifrit went down in 3 successive hits, don't worry if you loose them in the fight, the party primed with overdrives will be enough. You can also use Yuna's Nulshock on your party to stop damage from incoming thunder attacks.

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@mosespippy: Oh man, descending down Blighttown would be so much easier with that, forgot about those darts!

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I feel like the series is aligned as a Playstation IP only because of its roots back to Demon's Souls and From Software. But play it on whatever you want, the PS3 and 360 versions will be mostly identical, and there's no chat or playing with friends so the network is of minor importance.

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@seveword said:

Actually, yes. Restart and put all your points into resistance, that'll do you good.

Hey, internet, I think we have a joker here.

In all seriousness, has anyone ever seen a resistance build? Does anyone here put many points into resistance? I have not really bothered. I wonder what becomes available to the player at high resistance stats, other than just defence/resistance up?

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Tales of Xillia works with DS4.

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I think looking at this link will give lots of perspective.

Look back to what as included with PS3's version 1.5 system software. Then scroll all the way up to version 4.5. They added a a lot of features! I don't think that type of approach will change this generation. Looking forward to seeing what the PS4 will do in 2 years time, in 5 years! Wow, its exciting when you think forward to what could be coming.

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No Media Server or even MP3's.....thats ridiculous.

(EDIT) - This is pissing me off the more I think on it, guess they really aren't taking the same 'entertainment center' approach the XBone is.

Strangely, Microsoft has said the Xbox One can not be used to extend Media Center capabilities from a Windows PC, and they haven't confirmed or denied DNLA yet either. Still not sure how centric the XBone approach is?

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@ferros said:

The news I want and haven't been able to find anywhere is if putting an SSD in a PS4 improves load times.

I plan on doing a A-B comparison of this as soon as I get it. Will use digital titles to compare I think, like Resogun and Constrast. Figured it will be easiest to do when the console is new, and I have an extra SSD lying around, so...