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In actuality, the gargoyles are the hardest boss I've faced yet but I feel like the Moonlight Butterfly was supposed to be the hardest boss I had yet to face. I managed to find a sort of hidden summon for an NPC before the boss that was able to just completely obliterate the boss while I kept back with my shield. I say I feel like it was supposed to be difficult because the boss did manage to land one attack on me with my shield up. It managed to drain all of my endurance and knock off half of my health....I was in human other words had I been an undead I would have died then and there. Thank you Beatrice. God bless you.

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One letter for bomber vs idra. 'A'

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Sweet Baby Jesus! The destructive power of that weapon needs to make it something only usable at point blank. And I would have said that was the range of the weapon had I posted about it the first day I played the game, but its gotten to the point that users of the gun can be quite a distance from me for how they described the range prior to release, and still get blown to bits in a single shot.

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Been really liking green tea lately. Never liked coffee.

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@rjayb89 said:

Damn, Max Payne, you lookin' good, girl.

Damn, Max Payne, you shot me. Now I'm bleedin' girl.

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Let me know I'd feel fine waiting to pick it up. Didn't hate it, but it felt so much like Bad Company 2 to me that I feel no real urge to instantly purchase it.

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The last boss is fucked, no question. It was comical and a little worrisome hearing my younger brother screaming expletives at his screen while fighting a boss I had yet to encounter. Companions suddenly forget how to revive you and enemies have a dangerously huge boner for you and only you. Heck, I had gotten through some intense fights during this game and actually had one of my teammates die on me on my first try, failing the mission. No chance to revive him. No indication that he needed help. Just me obviously approaching the end of the fight and a sudden game over screen because my partner had somehow been instakilled. It was that terrible feeling gamers are familiar with where it felt like the game was actively trying to make sure I wouldn't win at all costs. How'd I beat the boss. I somehow glitched out the game to cause the enemy locust to fire nary a single bullet at me during the whole confrontation till the very end, and by then it was too late. Incredibly lame battle in an otherwise awesome game.

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GB Username: illmatic

Gamertag: illmatic lx

Mic: Yes

Favorite Mode: Any

Timezone: Eastern

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Between these four:

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor

Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Jay-Z's The Black Album

Mos Def's Black on Both Sides

Yeah, I know my name is Illmatic, but that's just an album that affected me in terms of my musical interest and keeping Hip-Hop as my genre of choice. When it comes to albums I listen to on a consistent basis, it has to be these four. One thing to note is that I never thought anything could trump College Dropout as my favorite Kanye West album and one of my favorites of all time. Boy was I wrong.

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My excitement for this game went from 1 to a million in the span of a few days. I could've sworn I wasn't interested but over the past few days I've thought back on my experience with the game (both single and multi) and realized that my time with the game has been incredibly memorable. Hearing/reading the rave reviews for it have only put the final nail in the coffin that is my wallet's thickness. This game needs to be mine NOW.,