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well I guess we will be seeing a lot of this type of article as every online game with dlc works the same! *throws hat on the ground*

seriously though what the fuck giant bomb what the fuck.

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@illuminosopher: I have played Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter etc. as single player experiences. I don't mind playing against the computer. Is their enough to Smash Bros. gameplay wise for a person to keep going against the computer?

It's so much different than any of the games you mention, I would say if one of the major things you enjoy about the games you listed is learning complex combos you will not find that here however you will find a lot more variety in terms of gameplay I honestly think for me personally that smash offers a lot more gameplay for single player than any of the games you mention.

I should also mention that on the 23rd of this month at 3:00 pm PT Nintendo will be having a Smash Bros video event that will showcase 50 new things about smash that will probably be worth watching.

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@carino: gamepads battery life isn't that bad, I have only had it start to die twice during 5 hour monster hunter gaming sessions at which point I just plugged it into its charger and continued using it while it charged.

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There isn't much depth too mario kart it's just a real fun game, smash bros I think has a fair amount of depth and usally tons of stuff to unlock but I would say both are at their peak when played with others.

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Concept Art : over hyping things since forever.

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@fisk0: There is a German Region-free Blu-ray I think but the DVD version I have still looks pretty good. (though I think both are a bit on the expensive side now)

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Whatever the end of Quiet Earth was.

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Honestly I am watching less and less of everything on this site.

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Is finally getting a blu-ray release just thought I would throw that out there for any film lovers.

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Daggerfall is a 100 times better than Skyrim.