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I saw it, very good movie. definately deserves the 8 oscars it won

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thanks, much appreciated! :)

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ok so what's the best level to get this trophy and is there anyway to make sure 3 bad guys are close enough together so that I can do this 5 times? thanks in advance

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NHL 09

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City & Colour
The Black Lungs
Dream Theater
The Misfits

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I experianced something similar when I was in a back brace... I'll type out the long windedness of it all...

ok, I'm 16, I'm finally starting to get over some issues from my past, my confidence is getting better and better and I had a core group of 5 close friends, but, as soon as I got in the back brace, I got depressed, I started pushing people away because I felt pathetic, felt like I needed to be alone, and slowly, my friends started to give up on me, I got more and more depressed, and only two people didn't give up on me... my girlfriend (who at the time was just my best friend) and her identical twin. I was happy to have them as friends, but because of the brace, I just wanted to be alone most of the time, and it was especially hard on me, because I also wanted to tell my girlfriend how I felt about her at the time, but didn't because I thought she needed a guy who could be there for her more. And yeah it was especially bad around christmas...
ok sorry for that long ramble, but yeah hope you feel better soon, and why not just hang out with just one person ocasionally, it might prevent you from feeling depressed on days like today.

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ahhahha congrats on being legal, I'll be legal in 7 months, my girlfriend just turned legal today, gotta love that it's only 19 to start drinking in Canada!

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just another thought on drake being able to pick up the sheilds, do you think that Naughty Dog is going to add in improvised melee weapons as well?

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get2sammyb said:
"I think it's an explosion behind him ILOVETHEENOT.

New chick character; Chloe Frazer:

Plus some concept art of locations can be seen here."

Chole Frazer reminds me so much of this one actress but I can't remember her name "/ either way that concept art looks amazing and I can't wait to actually play this game, it's my most anticipated 09 game.
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oh! and another thing I've noticed, that bad guy who drake is shooting at in the 7th picture, there's dirt flying up around where the bullets are going, anyone else notice that?