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Funny that one of the images in this article is a post beating of zombie, because this is just beating a dead horse. But I guess what my Grandfather always said holds true for this "Shit don't stink if you don't stir it."

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Considering that there have been Marvel LEGO toys floating around for a while now, it was only a matter of time before this happened so no big surprise.

On a slight side note: I think both Marvel and DC need to expand their LEGO toys to beyond what has been in the movies and games. Not that there's anything wrong with what they have now, some of the sets are pretty neat. I just feel that since comic book related stuff's popularity is rising (now that the people who aren't fans of comics are seeing the light), Marvel and DC should take advantage and at least get on par with the other LEGO franchises out there.

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Ok, with the thumbnail used on the front page, I have to say this: Guess Blizzard screwed the pooch once again.

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@H2Oyea: I'm using one of those "prepaid" Visa cards. Put money on the card and use it like a CC, works in all kinds of places online. A little more legwork than say PayPal, but far less time for your money to go through (takes longer to get the load card than for the funds to actually transfer). I use it for Steam as well. Basically the ease of a credit card without the need for all that credit stuff.

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I still think the EA Download Manager was a much better program, Origin has sucked since day one.

Got Mass Effect 3 on release date and have yet to be able to install it because of Origin, customer "support" sucks worse than a binary black hole system. They can "fix" Origin all they want, I will never buy anything that requires you use it again.

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Great, free DLC for a game EA won't let me play to begin with.

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Redneck Transformers: The Back 40

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Frankly, I could care less about the multi-player aspect. I just can't wait to play a pre-TR Lara.

On a side note, would be cool to play a "in training" Sam Fisher. You know, like pre NSA and early years.

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Yeah, just went into Opera's Site Preferences and set it to open console on errors and got this, along with a whole butt load of other stuff from the various other bits of the site, but this one specifically when "playing" the videos:

JavaScript -
Inline script thread
Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: Undefined variable: GA_googleSetAdContentsBySlotForSync
Error thrown at line 1, column 0 in

GA_googleSetAdContentsBySlotForSync({"GB_video_preroll":{"_type_":"html","_expandable_":false,"_html_":"\x3c!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN\"\"\"\x3e\x3chtml\x3e\x3chead\x3e\x3cstyle\x3ea:link{color:#ffffff}a:visited{color:#ffffff}a:hover{color:#ffffff}a:active{color:#ffffff}\x3c/style\x3e\x3c/head\x3e\x3cbody leftmargin=\"0\" topmargin=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\"style=\"background:transparent\"\x3e\x3cscript\x3e(function(){{window.status=a;return true};})();function cs(){window.status='';}function st(id) {var a = document.getElementById(id);if (a) {}return true;}function ha(a){ }function ca(a) {;}function ga(o,e) {if (document.getElementById) {;p=\"\";r=\"\";;if (g) {;f=g.parentNode;if (f) {;h=f.parentNode;if (h);}} else {h=e.srcElement;f=h.parentNode;if (f);;}if (t==a||p==a||r==a)return true;;}}\x3c/script\x3e\x3c/body\x3e\x3c/html\x3e","_snippet_":false,"_height_":3,"_width_":3,"_empty_":true,"_is_afc_":false,"_is_psa_":false,"_is_3pas_":false,"_pstok_":"AMtQLJXnK3AKDgoKCOmYdhCB-e67FhAACgAKDgoKCOmYdhD5-e67FhAACgAKAA"}});
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@extremeradical said:

" Question: How well does it handle other flash videos? "

@ILuvMsMarvel said:
"I have not had any such problems playing videos on any other sites."

@Briguile said:

" could the answer be it's a beta? "
@ILuvMsMarvel said:

Just downloaded and installed Opera v11 Beta, yes I know betas may or may not have bugs that final releases don't but this should still be pointed out."

Those questions were answered before they were asked.

@Afroman269 said:

" completely forgot that that browser existed. how does it hold up to the others? "
While that is a matter of personal preference and opinion, I will simply say this: I have tried almost all of the browsers out there and for me Opera is the best of the bunch. Built in functionality that many others would have you install add-ins for, easy to use functions to make browsing easier and faster (faster as far as what you have to do while browsing, though there is a built in "accelerator" which loads pages faster but if you have a fast connection it isn't needed. 

I used Opera years ago but switched to Firefox because I didn't like it back then, but switched back and will not switch again.

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