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@Veektarius said:

@im_not_herbert: Your reply reveals a lack of interest in 'getting people' who disagree with you. I had imagined from the title that you had hoped for a greater understanding.

Not so much, no. I am the one arguing for discussion. Hence the blog post. Others are saying this kind of topic doesn't belong here at all.

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Lot's of great posts, I appreciate them. For the naysayers, I can't help but wonder why so many people who have no interest in the topic or think it shouldn't be on a site like this take the time to read the articles then to comment on them. Seems odd.

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@Veektarius: Please. Save that bullshit for the people insisting that real issues *not* be discussed.

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@JasonR86: @JasonR86 said:


I like your avatar.

Yeah, Echo... she had too short a season for kicking ass on TV.

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Grabbed this deal last night. I already had Company o Heroes but the other games for what I paid, great deal.

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I hear what you're saying. But like said, no one forces anyone to read those articles. And they are important to some people, so there is no reason they shouldn't be there. I just... after reading the articles and like a thousand posts or something, I just needed to purge a little. I didn't really think anyone would even read the post... don't want to retread it all or get people pulling out the long knives again.

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I come here to read about games, not social issues...

Who cares if a woman dev was insulted, I just want to play the game I paid for...

Articles like this split the community...

All this talking accomplishes nothing, stop talking and start doing...

Articles like this are just click bait...

Well this stuff goes on in other industries so why should we care...

As a gamer, I am interested in the whole of the gaming industry, not just about the latest map pack for Call of Honor Future Combat 37: Regurgitation Evolved. I find it interesting that if a writer for a gaming site posts an article on, say, what a developer does to blow off steam after crunch time, readers will find it interesting and entertaining, but if it's an article about a female dev (or journalist) being treated disrespectfully, well then hey buddy, how dare you. That first article is indeed something interesting and entertaining, but the second is actually important. It needs to be written, the issue needs to be addressed, and we need to deal with these things as a community.

We want to play the games we paid for, but for some us, our enjoyment is diminished if we know that members of the team who made the game or of the reporting community were treated with disrespect by fellow employees or members of her community. It adds a taint to the experience. The answer for this is not to bury our heads in the sand or demand that the issue not be addressed, the answer is for more articles to be written, and still more, until the people responsible for the offending attitudes finally get the point that what they are doing is wrong, and it will not be tolerated. The only way that is going to happen is if the reporting is done where the gamers go, and those gamers in turn let developers and other journalists or PR people know that they support women in the industry and will not accept that behavior.

No one wants to see schism in their favorite forums, but if that is what it takes to get people to understand that a real problem exists, so be it. And let's be very clear - the people complaining about social issues articles splitting the community are exactly the ones who are doing the splitting. They are the ones who want the sweep the issues under the rug. "All you with articles like these is divide to community and make people hate each other." Really? So your answer to that is... what? Ignore the issue and hope it goes away? The really real world doesn't work that way, and if that is how you deal with problems, then you are part of the problem.

Writing articles, community discussion, does accomplish something - it informs people about issues they may not have been aware of previously And those people then go out and modify their behavior. Maybe they talk to other people they know outside of the gaming community. Maybe they stand up for a coworker or friend who is being treated disrespectfully where they might not have before because they didn't realize there was a problem. Maybe this only happens with one in a thousand people who see these articles or participate in these discussions, which is why more articles and discussions are needed, not less.

Dismissing the subject of sexism (or racism, or any other -ism) as click bait is another way of trying to dismiss the problem and hope it goes away. It belittles the issue and those real people affected by it. It is a symptom of your privilege - it doesn't affect you, so it must not be really real. Well, it is real, and casually dismissing it will not make it go away. It will, in fact, make those of us who recognize the problem get louder until you get the point - whether you like it or not.

Because an injustice exists outside of your particular interest group does not mean it should not be addressed within your interest group. Dismissing an issue as a "first world problem" does not mean it is not a problem. Declaring that somebody somewhere in the world has things worse does not mean that people here do not have it bad. I have seen this issue - sexism - as a problem in every community I am a part of, and I have it seen it dismissed with the exact same arguments in every single one. Dismissed by those who are the very root of the problem. I know many of them do not realize they are contributors to the problem. They are perfectly nice people. But when you demand the issue not be addressed, you are giving aid and comfort to those among you who are not nice people. You are enabling them.

If you don't want to be a part of the solution, that is your business. But at least do the rest of us a favor and try not to part of the problem.

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Well I was going to play some Mass Effect tonight, but then I made the mistake of deciding to swing by GB real quick before I turned off the PC and turned on the Xbox. And I saw your damn article about some damn hashtag, and then I'm link-hopping to some blog by a woman game journalist and start reading her freakin' blog because it's damn awesome, and all of that leads me back here reading another damn article about hashtags and women game devs and now I totally don't have time to play Mass Effect tonight. Damn you, Patrick. Damn you for being such a thoughtful and responsible writer about *all* things game related. Damn you (all and straight to hell, BTW) for attempting to raise awareness about an all too prevalent and disturbing aspect of gaming that all too many gamers would like to just ignore. So, you know, damn you. Also,please keep on posting articles like this.

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And the fact that it was priced less makes me think Best Buy was indeed up to something.  I have a hard time believing MS would intentionally put out mislabeled product then lie about it.  They have already had enough PR troubles with the 360 as it is.

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Most probably some assembler for MS stuck the wrong drive in, or a Best Buy employee did an after hours switch (I assume the HDD case can be opened).  I'm sure what Garfield said happened is correct- they returned the wrong one for the right one.  In doing so, though, they missed what might have been a bigger story (had BB or one of their employees done something they shouldn't have), or at the very least, returned what would have been an interesting collectible.  I never meant to imply GB or Tested was making it up.  Been following these guys too long and have too much love for them. :)
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