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I'm having similar issues playing videos on iOS. First things first, I'm on a iPad 2, using iOS 7 and a 8Mbps connection. I primarily use safari & I'm geographically very far away (SE Asia). Videos for me always start at low quality, then in 30 seconds upgrade to medium & another 30 seconds later to high. After that I don't have a problem till the last 5-7 minutes of the video, where the video either stops or drops to low quality. I have no problems with YouTube content of any resolution or for that matter any videos anywhere.

Additionally, if I try to start a video on the high setting, it just won't start and give me an error 'the operation could not be completed'. Also, if I might add, all these problems disappear when I use a PC, navigate to on my xbox and play videos on whatever version of IE it uses (lol!! Wat?!?!).

One last thing..I worked with my ISP to optimize my connection. It seems data transfers through ISP's can fluctuate dramatically when trying to stream anything. If it drops too low, it will downgrade the video quality or stop altogether. It used to happen a lot before said at least I can watch 95% of a video in high quality, till it drops/stops in the end.

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My thoughts go out to Ryan's family members, wife and the entire giantbomb staff. Rest in peace, Ryan Davis. You will be sorely missed.

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XBL: Imad81

I remember when black ops was released, someone created a free XBL/PSN account and added all names from this thread into it, so that we could see who from the GB community was playing. Would you guys be up for that?

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@HubrisRanger said:
" Hmmm.  You know, I don't doubt that your situation was as tragic as you lay it out to be. But for the punchline to be, "So who wants to give me free DLC?" makes it a bit harder to empathize. "
my thoughts exactly..
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@blacklabeldomm:  They are not delicious..they are crazy fuckin delicious..which makes the combo so dangerous when consumed together.
Here is what happens..Alcohol is a depressant, it affects all parts of the brain, which include motor, language and other areas. However, Energy drinks just activate a part of the brain called RAS which helps you stay awake and alert. When alcohol and energy drinks are mixed, the person is wide awake, but his motor skills are even though he may look awake, he is helplessly drunk and should not drive a car or do any complex motor activity, other than going home and sleeping it off.
@iam3green: You are spot on with your comment. Its because you fall into the less than weekly/ occasional consumption of energy drinks group(<52 cans/year). Once you start consuming more...
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Great work dude..but they are kinda creeping me out!!! :D

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@daitheflu:  The authors of this study and previous studies took that factor into account. That is why they took a random sample of college students for this study. The previous studies ONLY included those who were already alcoholics and found that they had an unusually high consumption rate of energy drinks. The study design of this study first asked students if they drank energy drinks and then assessed them for alcohol dependence. Which is why those who drink less than 52 cans/year had almost no difference when compared to those who didnt drink them at all..How do you explain that? I can also send you the fulltext article, if you want..
@Marcsman: LOL..thats the 'spirit'!!
 @somejerk:  There is actually a term for what you are decribing..its called ' Caffeine related Psychiatric disorder'..
an excerpt:

Case study

Brenda arrived at the doctor’s office a full hour early. The receptionist greeted Brenda and then handed her the typical questionnaires for new patients. Brenda nervously filled out the forms and squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. Finally, the receptionist invited Brenda to meet with the doctor. The doctor began the interview with an open-ended question that granted Brenda the opportunity to rapidly discuss a several month period of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and restlessness. Through the course of the interview, the doctor learned that Brenda had started college 6 months ago and was struggling to keep up. As her grades slipped, Brenda redoubled her efforts by studying more. Unfortunately, fatigue set in and made her less attentive.

The doctor asked a few screening questions about nutrition and substance abuse that revealed an interesting trend. Brenda recognized the ill effects of fatigue and sought a remedy. While some students might turn to more potent and illicit drugs, Brenda chose caffeine instead. She carefully read labels and soon discovered an energy drink with the highest level of caffeine. The energy drink did the trick, at least for a brief period. Brenda soon found that 6 energy drinks in the evening kept her awake and relatively alert. The caffeine excess came at a cost though, measured in terms of persisting insomnia, nervousness, and mood fluctuations. Those symptoms actually worsened her test performance leading a friend to suggest she visit a doctor. 
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 Hey fellow bombers,

I read a research article recently and I thought I would share it with all of you. The conclusion of this article is:

"Weekly or daily energy drink consumption is strongly associated with alcohol dependence. Further research is warranted to understand the possible mechanisms underlying this association"

However before reading any of this, please understand that energy drink consumption and alcohol dependence are not CAUSAL viz. one does not lead to the other. They just have a higher chance of occuring together. The mechanism of why this happens is unknown.

High-frequency users(weekly or daily use, roughly 52-155 times/year and 156-370 times/year) were more than twice as likely as nonusers and almost twice as likely as low-frequency users (occasional or monthly use, roughly 1-11 times/year and 12-51 times/year respectively) to meet criteria for alcohol dependence.

Low-frequency energy drink consumption (relative to nonuse) was not associated with alcohol dependence.

The findings of this study supports prior evidence, that energy drink users are at an increased risk for substance-use problems. The results also support the expected relationship(something called Dose-Responce curve) between energy drink consumption and heavy drinking.

High frequency energy drink consumption adds a risk over and above the risk factors for alcohol dependence.

However other caffeinated beverages(Coffee etc) are not associated with an increased risk of alcohol dependence.

BUT BUT BUT..there is a possibility that this association can be explained by the increased consumption of energy drinks as a way to get rid of hangovers. For example, after a night of heavy drinking, energy drinks can help a student get through classes the next day.

If you are interested in reading more, visit this link(However you wont get the full text article unless you pay for it):

Here are a few more facts regarding energy drinks:

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA 2003) code of federal regulations, caffeine, a main component in energy drinks, is listed as Generally Recognized As
Safe (GRAS) when used in cola drinks, at a level of 0.02% caffeine, totaling 71 mg for a 12-oz soft drink. This regulation, however, does NOT apply to energy drinks.

In the United States, energy drink companies have no limitations over the caffeine content of their beverages because the FDA has placed no restrictions on an upper caffeine limit in these types of beverages.

An association between consumption of energy drinks and occurrence of cardiovascular events(though this association has been questioned) has brought about concerns that have impacted consumer perception and have resulted in bans on the sale of energy drinks in several European countries including Denmark and Norway.

You can find a detailed description of the contents of all major energy drinks(as well as the above quoted facts) sold in the US here:

The reason I am posting this on Giantbomb is because of the pro-energy drink stance of the site. I love Giantbomb as much as any of you out there and some of my favorite bombcasts are the early ones with the 'tasting sessions'.

I am also not suggesting that having an energy drink or two is going to turn you into an alcoholic. This study just highlights that there exists a link between the two(unexplained
as it currently is), and you should be aware about it.

Thanx for reading.

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@billnyethesciencepie: very well written post. I enjoyed reading it. I agree with your point of view completely. The biggest fear any government has, is that if the public were to find out what happens behind closed doors, noone would vote for them anymore. In a world where the US destroys a country, in the garb of finding WMD's, sites like wikileaks are a necessity rather than a hindrance. 
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nail a sign outside his room door that says, " RENT IS DUE 1st OF EVERY MONTH" the hammering while he is asleep, to really annoy him..good luck!!