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Besides simplifying the combat system a bit, the overall tone of the game is just a lot more fun. The other games are VERY anime. So, if you're into that kind of thing, you'll probably be fine but I thought the writing, characters and overall style were so much better than the past games.

Saying something is "very anime" is a clumsy and dumb way to describe something.

Probably. But I'm not sure how else to describe it. "Very Japanese?" That seems worse.

The characters are written and presented in a melodramatic, theatrical style. There's nothing inherently "anime" or "Japanese" about that.

But this also counts even more for the new Dante in my opinion. For the old Dante it really was the level of anime in 3 at least. Not because of the story but rather the presentation. and style of these scenes. I see were milkman is coming from.

That does nothing to disprove the fact that "anime" by itself is an inadequate descriptor in the context that Milkman is trying to use.

But Roguelike, Doom Clone and Cartoonish. Anime has a specific style that is prevalent in the vast majority of works that fall under that genre, and often times games and even movies will strive to emulate this style. For anyone to sit there and say that anime is not a descriptor is simply lying. We get it, you like anime, there's nothing wrong with that. You don't need to take offense, which, really that's what's going on here. Otherwise, you wouldn't be arguing about it, especially for this long. So yeah, people on a video game forum probably get what someone means when they say it's like anime. Nothing wrong with that.

Well, for the record I think Roguelike gets thrown around way to freely as well and it has nothing to do with me liking anime or not liking anime. I think its a stupid lazy word to use as a descriptor for people who have no clue what they are actually trying to describe. Your telling me well that thing is "like anime" well okay... what does that even mean? Can someone who uses that as a descriptor even define what "anime like" is? Because to even describe what "anime like" is you're going to come back to the same word that you should have just used in the first place "melodramatic".

It's more to do with movement and camera angles. Melodramatic can be applied to soap operas, but they do not feel the same as what I'm referring to. And yes, I get that it's a genre, with many different styles and such, but the overall tone of most anime, the pacing, the animation, the character movements, etc. can be easily identified by many people, anime fans or otherwise. It's hard to put into words, which is why I believe that saying something is like anime is a sufficient descriptor.

I guess that works for people who know very little about what anime can actually be, but there are some anime that can be dark as hell and not show any of the cartoony characteristics you're thinking of.

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WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT IT'S NOT EVEN COMPLETE YET. yes it is a retelling but the series takes a slightly different route. it's definitely worth a watch on its own along with the movie end of evangelion after. don't need to watch death and rebirth though.

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Probably Japan or Italy.

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@wumbo3000: you know what I think i'm gonna go get some more today, since I just ran out.

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In all honesty, it wasn't the train wreck that everyone said it was. I liked it for what it was, a new take on an aging franchise. It is by no means my favorite but I like how they took risks even though they new not everyone would like them.

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The Last of Us is something you definitely must play if you haven't yet. Also since you played Heavy Rain, you may enjoy the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls.

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For me it comes down to the IPs and none of MS do anything for me. They have a spotty track record in terms of IPs, where as Sony has kept creating new IPs that I've enjoyed.

I predict more great titles from naughty dog, quantic dream, and many more developers in the future.

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@brihar78: i heard it but i don't feel like i'm getting robbed like when i was paying for live

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I'm going to say Breaking Bad because the first season starts as a comedy, but as you keep watching, you realize how dark the show really is. Each of the characters have their own secrets and problems that contribute to how dark the theme is in the end.

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So catchy