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you are probably fat

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  what im rolling with rite now
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midnight in paris and tree of life

i also enjoyed horrible bosses, guilty pleasure. x men first class was pretty good but I wish the cold war angle could've been played more realistic (in other words no kevin bacon playing both sides of the war)

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i like patrick's prose for these news articles more.

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nintendo's balls > everyone elses

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i dont get how people are wearing normal clothes in this when in the game they wear their weird future space clothes

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by internet hacker "gang" lulzsec this time
At this point im just over it, hacking PBS, hacking Sony more. These internet hacker gangs think they're the white knights of the web but they're inconveniencing everyone. They think Sony is a faceless corporation? What about the thousands of people that company employs? You think you're protecting everyone's rights to freedom of speech? All this illicit activity is just gonna force the governments hand and justify to the regulations they wanted to put on the internet in the first place. In the end, you hurt the mainstream

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