Dad's Basement - Legacy of the Ancients (C-64)

So I had recorded some video tape of the last time I hooked up my old C-64, 7 or 8 years ago. I had the idea that some day people might be interested in seeing some "live from the real machine" footage of some of these old games. Once Jeff started "Encyclopedia Bombastica" I figured I had better pitch in and help out document all video games, ever. So check out this video to see me start doing so!

Legacy of the Ancients was an RPG with action elements, and a contemporary of other RPG series at the time like Ultima, Wizardry, and the Bard's Tale. It was released in 1987 by Electronic Arts, and was developed by Quest Software, a company made up of twin brothers John and Charles Dougherty, who also developed the Questron games for SSI.

In this video I show off the demo mode of the game as captured from a C-64, and then embark on a series of highlights from a quick runthrough of the beginning of the game.

I believe the motif of this game, a galactic museum filled with "out-of-tune" video screens that served as doorways to dungeons and other parts of the world, is very similar to, and a possible inspiration for, the motif of the game of Myst, which was released 6 years later and was also developed exclusively by two brothers.


Pink Floyd: Rock Band

Made you look! I made this post because I want this suggestion to ripple anonymously out into the world to the people who decide these things, especially after I read a 1up news story where (God forbid) U2 expressed interest in being the next spotlight band for a Rock Band game.

This must not happen.

So, instead, I suggest to the universe: Rock Band: Pink Floyd. And I suggest it here because I have hopes that this forum will have a lower number of people who stare with blank non-recognition at the name of one of the greatest bands of all time, certainly a band that could take on the Rock Band treatment with amazing results.

You even have all the imagery already established in the same way as the Beatles. The Wall? Oh my god (that flower scene). Animals (flying pig). Dark Side of the Moon (license Wizard of Oz footage). Meddle, Sid Barrett stuff (acid trip visuals yo).

Plus you'd be playing David f*@king Gilmour guitar! Give fair representation and follow David Gilmour with "Pink Floyd," while you give me some tracks and visuals from Roger Waters solo albums Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking (guitar track by Eric Clapton) or Amused to Death (guitar track by Jeff Beck)!

Maybe not a party atmosphere game but I think there's a whole squad of goth kids out there these days who think the Cure is as far back as they should bother to go.

Universe! Rock Band: Pink Floyd. Make it happen.