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Why did people give Richard Garriot $1.9m with his egotistical interviews and lack of a good product in the last ten years?

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@project343: True. Witness what Randy Pitchford recently got away with.

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"Denis Dyack wants your money."

To date this is the entirety of Giant Bomb's bombcast news coverage on this project. :(

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Huh weird i ran a search for "Denis Dyack" and that thread didn't come up. Thanks.

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I'm pledged for Shadow of the Eternals. But even though Dyack is on-board as Chief Creative Officer, it's been all snark and negativity in the press (and unsurprisingly on NeoGAF). Patrick Klepek's summary of a company with all-new upper management. just because Dyack's aboard?

"Denis Dyack wants your money."

Not really a very fair summary. I hope the guys return to the subject in a more thoughtful manner.

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Wow a Nixon quote as the article headline. Harsh.

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So I had recorded some video tape of the last time I hooked up my old C-64, 7 or 8 years ago. I had the idea that some day people might be interested in seeing some "live from the real machine" footage of some of these old games. Once Jeff started "Encyclopedia Bombastica" I figured I had better pitch in and help out document all video games, ever. So check out this video to see me start doing so!

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Legacy of the Ancients was an RPG with action elements, and a contemporary of other RPG series at the time like Ultima, Wizardry, and the Bard's Tale. It was released in 1987 by Electronic Arts, and was developed by Quest Software, a company made up of twin brothers John and Charles Dougherty, who also developed the Questron games for SSI.

In this video I show off the demo mode of the game as captured from a C-64, and then embark on a series of highlights from a quick runthrough of the beginning of the game.

I believe the motif of this game, a galactic museum filled with "out-of-tune" video screens that served as doorways to dungeons and other parts of the world, is very similar to, and a possible inspiration for, the motif of the game of Myst, which was released 6 years later and was also developed exclusively by two brothers.

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Game does not suck as much as Patrick or Brad has said. Where's Vinnie when we need him?

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Would like to import but does the Japanese release have English language options? Surely they did not localize they thing just to release it on PSN, did they? Shirley?

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I imagine all those early adopters are feeling a bit of the 32X blues right now...

$15 is my price point for Kinect, same as it was for 32X.