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I've followed the GI guys for a long time because their Super Replays in particular are usually pretty great. Dan always struck me as acting dumb because it's funnier to be dumb. Gaming can be serious but it can also be stupid fun and I'm glad someone is willing to just dive into the stupid fun stuff just like I really appreciate Patrick for exploring the more serious side of things from time to time.

As far as games go he does seem to be aware that his gaming experience is kind of limited. But if you watch the GI stuff he has gotten into off-the-wall games from time to time (Tail of the Sun for example) and here he seemed genuinely enthusiastic on the Mousecraft QL and it seems like he's been pretty respectful of the new stuff he doesn't know anything about (Divinity Original Sin for example).

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I have 2 PS4 codes available (US). PM if you're still in need.

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Out of curiosity, how much training is needed to have the experience in the videos you linked? I mean, Vinny went through a good 15-20 minutes of it. Do you have to repeat the training 2-3 times for it to work properly? As others have said, Vinny was very generous in trying to speak as clearly as possible, often directly facing the microphone (and yes, a boom mic should work fine for something like this as long as there isn't background noise, which there wasn't).

I respect what you guys are doing, but when there is voice recognition software out there (Siri, Google Voice, etc) that accurately recognizes voice and context with zero training, I can completely see why someone would become frustrated with this game, as they would expect the voice recognition to be as a good as tech that has been existing for years. If "old" technology does all that with zero training, it is expected that new technology, with training, should be at least up to par with what currently exists. Yes, I realize that an independent developer isn't Google or Apple, but most people don't consider that when it comes to expectations. That is something you should consider.

I should also mention that, even when Vinny's commands were recognized, or when he typed commands, the robot often still didn't understand, or performed an action totally different than what was commanded. I mean, just watch the last 15 minutes of the video. The voice recognition wasn't the main issue at all. There were several points where Vinny manually corrected the recognized text by typing (as you suggested), and the robot still didn't follow the commands properly. The whole pepper grinder situation was laughable, not because of a lack of voice recognition, but because of the robot did not do what was commanded. When you tell the robot to put something down, then click directly on where he should put it down, he shouldn't then turn around and put the object down on a completely different surface. That's not Vinny's issue, that's a game issue.

I'm not necessarily defending the game or its systems (your latter point) but I think it should be clarified that the speech recognition software was not built into the game - it was just using whatever was available on the computer in question - in that case the basic Microsoft speech software. I assume if you had Dragon or something it would work a lot better. It's not like the game was doing anything beyond accepting the interpreted data from speech recognition software. So blame MS for their crummy voice solution, I guess?

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I'm barely into the early parts of the game (hockey playoffs to watch!) but I'm BigInJapanGWJ on PSN.

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Like some other people, I played around with the settings to get a brightness that would force me to use the torch in certain circumstances. It's not perfect, and I would have liked a more effective use for them, but it's my way of making do.

I tweaked the black levels on my TV and places like the opening to No Man's Wharf are extremely dark. It's very easy for me to fall into the water if I don't step carefully without a torch. The areas that are lit up still look pretty nice too.

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@sterling: I could swear there is. I remember looking up the page for the Pharros' Lockstone.

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@demoskinos: They retooled the durability system. As long as your item does not break it will get repaired automatically the next time you rest at a bonfire. There is a red bar under the equipped item box to help you track that without going into the menu. It's nice because you don't have to spend time & souls repairing but you also need to keep durability in mind if you are on a long run. It's also another indirect way to reduce the ease of grinding/farming.

Halberds and other sweeping reach weapons go down quick because hammering the weapon against walls and floors stuff counts against durability too.

Edit: I see you know about the bonfire repair, guess I had the page open for a while :p

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It's really similar to the DS1 guide, though I seem to remember there being 1 section with maps and one with enemies in that guide. This one appears to have the maps & enemies listed out together per area.

The graphical and text layout is pretty much exactly the same. I've only been using to try and clear up any mechanical questions I might have as well as look at enemy names&descriptions after I've encountered them, as the lore stuff is usually pretty interesting.

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I'm kind of liking this new system as it can make you consider the situation a little when choosing equipment. You may not want to risk using a reach weapon in a tight space, for example, as hammering a weapon off the walls will wear it down quickly. It's a little odd that the bonfire repairs your items, but no weirder than dumping some powder on it to do the same thing, I suppose.

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Sorry but what the FUCK is up with these power attacks?? I don't understand what governs whether or not you can do one. I am CONSTANTLY dying because of an enemy opens up, I hit forward+attack and instead of a jumping attack it's a static swing leaving me WIDE OPEN.

Or it works....sometimes it just works, and I can't tell why. The jumping attacks trigger 100% outside of combat, but when fighting a guy it totally appears broken. Is there like a time limit on doing a jumping attack after an initial, or can they only be triggered when the enemy is in a particular state?

A thought that I haven't tested yet but should be verifiable - maybe you need enough stamina to complete the jumping attack? If I recall in DS1 you could do anything as long as you had any stamina left, even if your bar empties during the move. If that's true it would probably seem work consistently outside combat when your stamina bar is full or when you're closing to engage, but if you're closely engaged and recovering from a block or roll you might not have enough stamina to pull off the attack and end up whiffing instead. This might explain a lot actually, as sometimes it seems like I whiff an attack that should connect.