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Dead rising and chromehounds are great ones. I really want NHL Hitz 20-03 for pc and Ninja Gaiden Sigma/Black also. I also want SF2HD and SF4  to come for pc. My arcade stick has been longing for a pc fighter for so long that is worth using it for. I mainly have to play old arcade games on it and Third Strike is really outdated now. And a final fantasy 12 with high res textures wouldn't hurt either. We havn't had many goood rpgs on PC for a long time. Action adventure games and MMO's are dominating now and a good action adventure doesn't hurt but the last good rpg I played on PC was Septerra Core and that was like ages ago.

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It's sad that one of the best mech game franchises is over. There are so few which makes the problem even worse. Armored core and Virtual On will never bring the glee I had from running an atlus down with my MadCat :'(