Okay Multiplayer Needs To be Fixed

  So I recently started to play Gears 2 again due to the 8xp weekend and the maps being so cheap but upon playing a bit of it a I realised how unbalanced it is. 
1.  Why have a cover based shooter where you can only kill people a foot away from them.  Execution rules should be an option and not just automatically in most game modes. 
2.  The maps do not suit re-spawning game types.  These maps were obviously designed for Warzone and Execution game-modes where you sit out after you are killed. 
3.  Grenade tagging, I don't mind grenade tagging when it is a player tagging another player but wall tagging is the worst,  this just helps people camp more easily. 
4.  The sniper is rendered useless due to my first point, the active down from the first one actually makes sense, otherwise why would you even pick it up. 
5.  Spawning with a shotgun is a terrible idea, and maybe this is where the sawn-off in 3 might fix this,the whole game is a shotgun melee or its hit them with the shotgun then fire and repeat. 
6.  The hammer of dawn while a good idea is way overpowered when someone has that on certain maps its game over. 
7.  Whatever happened to Trueskill?  every game I seem to play now the matches are unevenly matched. 
Rant Over


Good But....

Yes its good but it needs a beverage section, its one of the main points of Giant Bomb which has faded away recently so we need a taste test forum