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i will trade you for my infinitely eternal gratification, which everyone knows multiplies the result exponentially to the 42nd power

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i'm gonna go ahead and shoot the obvious one 

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oh thats easy
I'd distract myself so that I would forget to fall, then i'd fly out of the hole
you get a cookie if you understand the reference

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Sounds completely awesome, sign me up! though my time zone will probably pose a problem...

Friend code: 3737-9400-5905
time zone: +8

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I completely agree with the 1/1000th star system, but instead of the star camel toe, have a magnification tool with each review to see the number of stars within each star


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I've come across two games, The World Ends with You and Luminous Arc, that there is no button for to submit user reviews. I'm sure there are likely to be more but can anybody provide an answer as to why there is no review button?

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