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This week's Psycho Pass was kinda messed up, between the flashback and the Art Club senpai. Though I got a real strong M vibe from the Public Safety Chief.

K was interesting. Still very pretty, when it wasn't raining.

Also, I just wanted to say, happy 60th birthday Shigero Miyamoto.

Psycho Pass is just constantly upping the ante, which could be bad by the time the season ends. But for now it's still pretty great.

Could you explain the appeal of K to me? I dropped it after the 3rd episode. The animation was fantastic but the characterization was all over the place, most of them seemed to lack any actual personality.

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I love FF8, and for as many times as I"ve played it I've never actually done this. Sounds like it'll be fun!

I'm about to have loads of free time and might actually replay FF8 again.

In truth, I just want to play more Triple Triad.

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I'm 18 now too. I'd say it was specifically 15-17 for me, cause that was a time when school didn't need to be taken seriously for my class and I and we just screwed around. Good times. I'd say the upcoming period where I'll have finished my exams is going to be pretty good.

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Rhythm Heaven Fever seems like it'll get forgotten in the jumble of all the games despite Jeff and Patrick liking it so much.

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There is a decidedly small amount of wang in this thread. This community is going downhill.

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I'm in a foreign timezone I guess? Except it's late night here right now. NOW WHAT HUH?

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It has to be either the Zelda treasure jingle or the Zelda puzzle solved jingle.

Also thanks for reminding me how amazing that orchestral FFXII victory fanfare is.

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I definitely thought it was fine in the first game that I played with it. Now it's definitely starting to get a bit grating. And now that you've pointed it out to me it's become 10x worse.

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The fact is that it doesn't even REALLY seem like they're changing too much about it with Sticker Star, just stripping away features. Super Paper Mario was at least different in that it was a weird sort of platformer/rpg thing. Sticker Star is retaining RPG combat except without any incentive to actually engage in said combat. Couple that with the removal of an open interconnected world and the colourful partners and it just makes for a stripped down game that doesn't seem to accomplish much new.

In truth, this is probably going to lead to me replaying TTYD.

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This is amazing. The only way it could possibly be better is if it shot from a first-person perspective like the books are written.