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I'm rather fascinated by the divisive opinions in this thread.

Personally VIII is one of my favourite in the series as somebody who's played basically every main game. The scaled leveling made for quite the different experience and the GF system was great (except for the part where boosting sucked). The characters were all really strong and the music is fantastic. I will agree that the story is full of holes but strangely enough that made the game that much more fascinating to me as it provoked thought about what actually happened in the end and lead to a lot of reading of theories about the story and such. Not going to say that's neccesarily a plus as it's just how I felt, but I think the hokey story is more than made up for by the other aspects of the game.

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I'm quite happy that Chihayafuru's getting it's second season so there'll be at least one thing to watch for me. Otherwise seems like a time to watch older anime.

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Dragon Roost Island being on there is fantastic. Wish I could buy this.

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@Seppli: Does that mean the cars would be going down mountains with skis and snowboards attached to their tires? I'm in.

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I haven't played the game so I have nothing to offer, but I think it's fantastic that a serious discussion of tactics and strategy about the game is being proposed.

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@BeachThunder: Well played.

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I too am worried from what I heard on the 8-4 podcast. Honestly, the entire sticker system sounds flawed from what I've heard about it. Having every basic action be governed by consumable stickers and removing XP and leveling just seems bizarre. I will submit that I still don't completely know how the system works and will probably end up buying it but it still sounds worrying.

Also, I am totally in agreement about the party members. It really seems like a terrible decision to cut party members from the game. Perhaps it might make sense gameplay wise with how the stickers work but it still seems to be a sad omission.

As a sidenote, I never played Super Paper Mario but those characters looks horrible in design. They look like scrawled children's art rather than the finely designed characters that just happened to be 2D paper people from the first 2 games. Was the entire deisgn aesthetic like that?

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It has to be Tetris. Not because of the game itself, but because it was made bySoviet scientists.

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I play games on a laptop with specs in a similar range to yours. What I've figured is that it all comes down to how well optimized the game is for lower end graphics. I'm also on an ATI video card but I've found in general most games tend to run better on Nvidia's of similar specs.

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@DystopiaX said:

@Azteris said:

Is the irony of this thread title just too fucking much for anyone else?

It would have been had I not assumed it was intentional.

I can't decide if this is intentional at all or not.