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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom(if that counts) and Bleach: The Blade of Fate come to mind as the best anime games I've played. The Inazuma Eleven games are also quite enjoyable although that's a situation of a game being turned into an anime.

Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked was actually a pretty good game, though it definitely helped that I already liked the characters. But even for the unfamiliar, it had good combat that was dripping with style and was just dumb fun.

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Thanks for the read. I thought the review itself was fine in its criticisms as it reflected clearly what he found important to Halo and didn't get it, but regardless of how he feels giving it 1/5 is entirely too sensationalist simply as a matter of comparison to other games that get 1/5s

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I always thought it was Saki Konishi. Like, MC is actually the one that kidnaps her at the start and then keeps her under his mattress right?

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I'm basically at the point where I don't play games unless I intend to do so for a good length of time. Exept for Starcraft 2, there's always time for a quick match there.

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@RedCream: If it was on the PS2, perhaps Okami? Or Legaia.

Edit: I have only just remembered that we are on Giant Bomb, a video game website about video games but also about Fishing.

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My mind refuses to believe that this much discussion has occurred in a Trains thread. What happened to the cool threads Trains? :(

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I can't remember specific waterfalls so I'm just going to list some JRPG-ish games with fishing minigames.

Most of the Suikoden series of games, Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2, Fable. Can't think of much else right now.

Also, although this probably isn't your game, Solatorobo has a ridiculous fishing minigame. And Final Fantasy VI has good fishing because you can save a life via fish.

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With any luck, the codename's will actually stick and then the arguments will just be fun to watch because people will be using dumb names like Durango and Orbis.

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I will always answer Alpha Protocol because that game is fantastic.