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Hmm, well if you are looking for a portable game system then the PSP isn't really the best choice. It's not because the system can't be taken with you on the go, but because a lot of the games aren't designed for portable systems. Resistance, GTA, Ratchet N Clank, etc. just don't seem like pick up and play type of games. With that said, I'd somewhat agree that the PSP has pretty good games some of which contain great stories. The DS has it's share too, but maybe less than the PSP (Though maybe not).

The DS is getting many RPG remakes and has a good amount of new RPGs as well. The PSP has some too, determine which you want and base your purchase on the games. The PSP offers plenty of 'bells and whistles', but if the games are what inspire your purchase, don't base it on those qualities.

With that said, I bought both a little after their respective launch dates (meaning I know plenty about both systems). The DS doesn't have very advanced online capabilities, but the local wireless play is top notch. On the other hand the PSP has excellent Online play. They are both fun systems and the PSP is a technical feat, but I prefer the DS for its Mario games and the little puzzle games that come out for it (OH, and the RPG remakes! FFIV Woot!). Do your research and choose the system with the games that you want to play. Sounds like PSP to me, cause you seem to want a minature console imo.

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I prefer Red/Blue versions.

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Gears of war, the multiplayer was a bunch of lag/random chainsawing that sucked. Cover systems just plain suck in mutiplayer games. "Let me just hide until I see someone with my 360 degree view with my back to the wall." Stupid ass game.

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This was an excellent review. The only suggestion I had was to maybe list some of the parts where you had fun, but were overshadowed by the major flaws. That would eliminate some of the apparent bias. Just a suggestion. Good review overall. 4.5/5

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AtomicEdge said:
"I must say, that guy could sell snow to an Eskimo!

I also love how between Xbox and Xbox 360 he became super cool with a shaved head.

I wonder why they hide him away these days...?
Because He is secretly Agent 47! I knew it all along!
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Yeah I can't wait for the next hitman. I am actually playing through them right now, I finished silent assassin a few nights ago and am working on contracts.
Things I'd like to see:
-Improved AI
-Better Graphics (of course)
-More than one way to take down targets (besides just 1 option and the other option to go all out rambo style)
-Customizable weapons
-A toned down alert system (the alerts seem to happen randomly sometimes. (I.E. using the fiber wire on a guy from behind will sometimes trigger an alert...dumb)
-Advanced lighting/sneaking system (hiding in the darkness should be more effective.
That's about it.

[So far I've played through Silent Assassin and it has to be the hardest in the series. I'm playing contracts and it seems a lot easier. The guards don't automatically find you and you can actually walk/run behind them to fiberwire them and they don't turn around instantly. I hope they don't tone it down any more than that. The whole 'walk by guards and they might see through you' system is fine the way it is. It may not be absolutely, completely realisitc, but it adds a nice challenge. Besides, unless you just stand in front of them and don't keep walking, the pretty much leave you alone.]

Also, @The_END: The enemies are not on the map when I play hitman games. Perhaps you have the difficulty set to normal or easy. I play on professional and they haven't been on the map in the hitman games so far. So, yeah, if you want more of a challenge raise the difficulty.

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When I first picked up Psychonauts I thought, 'Hey, this should be fun while it lasts'. I started playing it and was extremely hooked. It is, honestly, one of the best platform games and has one of the most interesting stories of all the games I have ever played. I collected and did everything that there was to do in the game. Only problem is...I WANT MORE! I need the sequel; my thirst for psychonauts has not been, and may not ever be, quenched. I really hope they come up with a sequel before I die. Please let there be one..

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Overcast and rain. Love coldness.

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Short answer is nothing right now. Everything else that you don't have sucks. Sorry, but someone had to say it like this.