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Those changes all sound good. I loved turbo in DMC3SE and the way you were restricted by element type is what held me back from completing the game a second time. Plus I like that style is harder to get, makes it more like the old ones. Were this the version on release i'd probably of played it a lot more.

That said, i'm more hype for DMC4, which is a game I like the gameplay of more than DMC so if they fix that games massive issues *cough* rework the entire second half of the game *cough* that could be amazing.

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It must be a lot of pressure on NRS to know their game made it to EVO when it is not even out yet.

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Sucks to see FGC people unhappy about all the smash. Over in smash land, we are estatic and we are passionate bunch. So much in fact I don't think Evo limiting the stocks on melee would go at all. I'd personally be upset. I think the solution is with shorter hand warmers and quicker counter pick choices.

That said, I could live with 3 stock Melee. Any less than that would butcher the game.

People who only watch smash at evo are skeqed about how long it takes because we got Armada vs Hungrybox twice. A select few match up in the game are quite long I agree but some are lighting quick. So 2 stock in many matches could end in half a minute and one of the main aspects of smash is holding stocks and the ability for comebacks that way. 2 Stock smash 4 works because it keeps these elements due to the much slower pace of the game.

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Thanks a bunch. I'll be sure to check it out.

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Is it at all possible to watch the PAX royal rumble? I assume not at all, but a girl can dream.

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Oh no. Brad is no part of a click bait GIF article. Intresting that a site like that found that brad gif. The ruined it too by speeding it up.

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Bring Carrie Gouskos on board. Always had great chemisty with the original crew and really what is she at these days?

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Probably sports. EA would lose a lot of money and there are a segment of gamers that feed off of annual sports/COD/Assassin's Creed games who would be hit. But really, sports game largely just emulate the real thing and thus don't really have room for growth.

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Any good looking 16 bit game still looks great. Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, Link to the past, ETC.

Even without any of the graphical upgrades they've made in the past 10 years, World of Warcraft still looks phenomenal, texture resolution be damned. Carried solely by that fantastic art style, it is really something. That game did zone transitions so well back in 04', it was really breathtaking. I still think the transition from Elwynn Forest to Westfall, into Duskwood is one the most smooth and impressive atmospheric transitions I've ever seen in a game.

I second this. Glad I played a human first because I got to do those zones. Sadly redridge was awful. Those zones were so good, my friends who played other races made the long trek into Human zones.

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Probably been said in this long thread, but Resonance of Fate.