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Hopefully it is good. I liked Braid a lot.

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That is high praise from many places. If only I can one day get a wiiu one day.

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I actually like Hatusume Miku and enjoyed that song.

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@heycalvero: "I always find it a bummer that most people will associate Michael C. Hall with Dexter Morgan rather than with David Fisher." Me too, David is a far better character.

As for Dexter I felt like the show only needed one more season after 4 to feel complete but they dragged things out so much and it was bad and boring with little tension to speak of. Season 6 especially was a slog.

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Mario ain't braid.

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I never played a single game from this year. Ima play some smash 4 when it is out in north america, so that is my GOTY. I should really play Dark Souls 2 though.

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I remember liking Heavy Rain a whole deal at the time, because it at least was trying something most games are not. Looking back on it, the game is a hot mess. Some solid music at least. I agree with those above me that the games critical success boils down to it standing out as a game actually trying something and being noteworthy of that sort of discussion and thus being praised regardless of the actual quality of it.

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Has anyone played this? Is it incredible?

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I am not super into watching speedruns but watch Cosmo on occasion and that was something to behold.

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Smash not resetting was too sad, the more absurd the length the better!

Why do you take every chance you get to harp on smash?