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Kind of not surprised to see it go, I'm sure the readership was never that high. For every great well thought article they had there was about two dozen terrible ones, often just opinion presented as news. I should have paid more attention to who was writing the articles I did like so I could see where they end up next.

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I ended up watching a subtitled version in a bar by coincidence last week. It was kind of surreal at moments because there was no sound but the bar was playing a lot of club/dance music. There were moments where it really oddly synched up, including a dance remix of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" starting up when this kiss Alien at the end.

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I was so psyched up when I got my copy of Killzone in the mail a few days before the release of PS4. One that crisp November day that the PS4 was released I left work as quick as I could to rush home and pop Killzone in. I played the first one and enjoyed it, along with the second game, I never touched the third and was ready to get back to some Killzone with Shadow Fall. About two hours later I came to the conclusion that there has not been a lot of refinement to the series since two and that is was basically the same game, and that is not what I wanted.

The multiplayer is fun, but I do not feel that it really adds anything new that puts it well above from the multiplayer in two. I'm going to keep playing the game here and there, because while it is not great it is not bad either. I am glad though that I have other games to play like Resogun (best game currently on the system), Assassin's Creed IV, and Warpath to a degree.

With all that I would say that the majority of the reviews I have read seem fair and bring up a lot of valid points.

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@darji: My boss is a transvestite bondage addict who likes to talk about her parties over the weekend. Anything I say is just a drop in the bucket. Also a moderator is not the same as a boss, maybe something closer to a security guard.

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If anyone wants to add ImpendingFoil that would be great. I'm trying to find people to play a little bit of multiplayer with to get the trophy for playing game lab mode.

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There seems to be a bit of overreaction from Horror on this but I'm not too familiar with Twitch so what do I know. The comment that got Horror all riled up was snide, but at the same time was not overly offensive or cruel. The situation could have been avoided if Horror just kept a cool head and perhaps just talked to or warned Duke about the comments. There always seems to be a lack of people learning the important life lesson that remaining calm and just talking differences out is usually what works best.

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@arbitrarywater: @gaminghooligan: Thanks for the answers, they helped quite a bit. I would be playing on PS4 so after today's patch for the game it should look quite nice.

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Or is there just going to be so much story stuff going on that I will just be lost the entire time? I have friends that tell me I should play 2 and up since they are much better than the first but I never got around to it. I really like pirate stuff though so this does look interesting. Pretty much all I want to know is if the gameplay is better than the first game and how much of the backstory I really need to know.

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My Ouija board story is kind of messed up but not for the reasons people would think.

I manage a comic store that has numerous stories of ghosts. I've paid little attention to them as birds can get up in the ceiling and make odd scratching noises, so I've attributed some of the stories to that. On one of the days that there were birds in the ceiling I opened a few ceiling tiles to see if I could get them to come out. I was joking with a coworker about the ghosts and as a joke I tossed a Ouija board, in its box, up behind the ceiling tiles yelling something about maybe the ghosts just want to talk. We had a laugh about that and then I went to pull the box down and as I slid it down I got hit by two mouse skeletons that were underneath the box.

I promptly freaked out that I had dead mice on me and then laughed a bit more, while my coworker was laughing so hard she was in tears. So in a weird way, a Ouija board led me to the dead. I then got up a ladder and looked around and realized that somehow, I threw that box in the only spot where there were dead mice in the ceiling.