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Anyone who thinks Giantbomb hasn't changed for the worse since the CBS move needs to only watch this video.

The dubstep intro video and the flying camera in the first 5 mins were all it took for me to lose interest

If I wanted a wildly swinging camera and soundbited opinions I would watch MTV or ESPN.

Giant Bomb was where u went if u wanted to hear regular guys who are highly knowledge about videogames talk about videogames

PS anyone lucky enough to have caught a random PC live with chart room feel like Giant bomb had created a actual online community that is sliding away? :(

I don't know, these seem very similar to all the other E3 impressions videos they have done in the past. All the footage that wasn't them standing there talking was taken from the recordings of the press conferences done by the people running E3. It's not like they are going out and renting boom cameras to do those shots. As they have had more success they have had the opportunity to get better equipment and vinny and drew have gotten better at video editing, so they can do stuff like stupid dubstep intros.

Preeeetty sure the dubstep was used as a tongue-in-cheek shot at the fact that all video game trailers use it nowadays.

Other than that, can't say the video was wildly different than E3 wrap-ups in the past; that is to say that it was informative, hilarious, and extremely well-edited.

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Does not follow up on the True Ending of Lord of Shadows, so I am not interested.

Who said it doesn't follow the post-credits ending?

Indeed. It doesn't go STRAIGHT to the post-credits ending, but seeing as there's a pretty significant gap of time between that and the actual ending of the game proper, I'd imagine this is a stop-gap that actually explains what happens.

Can't wait for this. Lords of Shadow is an underrated game and one of my favorites of the last few years. Great solid gameplay, a pretty grim story all things considered, and tons of callbacks and nods to almost every single Castlevania game made.

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What Disney team are making this? The last couple of Disney games were quite good. I will get this cheap if I hear there are easy trophies

Agreed. Toy Story 3 had some really cool ideas and Tron was a lot of fun. This actually looks kinda... good.

At least like a fun distraction/companion piece if the price is right.

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*Waits for Ice T to kill the majority of the GB community for insulting his wife*

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so it's 2D monday night combat


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Considering Black Ops got me interested in the series again whilst Modern Warfare 2 an 3 tried to destroy it, I'm looking forward to this.

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"I'm more of an X-Man myself..."

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I think this game looks like a lot of fun. I'm becoming more and more enamored with these smaller XBLA experiences that offer something unique and lasting for a smaller price than any of the BIG releases. Might check it out when it hits the marketplace.

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Once again, the people who wait are rewarded. That edition truly is loaded.

I've already got everything (even Batman: Year One) except for Robin and the new Harley Quinn stuff (which I'll end up getting soon enough), but anybody who missed it the first time around? This is a steal.

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