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SUPER LATE to this thread, but since I'm back in the community and still consistently playing this game, figured I'd add my name onto the list here and add some peeps who are still playing too.

Xbox 360

Username: Imperious Rix (yeh, with a space)

Region: U.S. West coast

I'm playing mainly Bane and Solomon Grundy. Gotta love them grapplers.

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Awesome. I'd been thinking about doing the same thing, but then I remembered I have no kind of mechanical skill.

I was going to turn one of my old Crocs into a controller, though.

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@strife777: Same, only a few Shoals have been able to really utilize short footdives + jetpack to keep me out as Kick. Regardless, as soon as they make a mistake I can chase them down.

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@starvinggamer: Nice. Yeh, it looks accurate enough to me (granted, I've only played about 300 matches online; still lots to learn), but I can see this changing quite a bit as people figure some new tech out so to speak.

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Is this the real tier list? If so, it actually does make some sense.

I do think that Kick is number one, though. I know it's a one-match difference for him and Dive on here, but as I play him more and more, I just think he's too solid not to be the tippity top of the tier list.

I actually think Shoals should be lower after playing a lot of Shoals players. There have been a few who really know how to control her utilizing the Jetpack special and control space like a beast, but for the most part I can run all over her with Kick.

I will attest to Jefailey being the realest of real, though. I don't think I've beaten a single Jefailey in the past couple of days.

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Coming from somebody who participated in SFIV tournaments here on GB, I DO know there's a tendency for everybody to WANT to play, but not necessarily being available to play or not really being all that committed to whether they actually show up or not. It's a problem, but it's one that always happens in some capacity or another.

EITHER WAY; hope everybody had fun and I hope to be involved in one in the future.

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@pollysmps: Yep, half the time I psyche myself out more than my opponent actually doing something. I'm typically my own worst enemy.

@phished0ne: Exactly my sentiment. It makes me SOOOO much more salty than any SFIV loss or Injustice loss because I can't just say, "Oh, I'm playing as Bane and that was just a really terrible match-up for him..." or anything like that. Every loss I suffer in Divekick (now over 100) I place squarely on my own shoulders and my inability to "do it right".

But in a lot of ways, that's why I love it and can't stop playing it. I know if I just calm down, just play the match-up like I know I can and execute, I can win. And in the same vein, if I get headshotted by Jefailey for 5 rounds in a row, it was because I was playing like absolute garbage. Nothing else factors in.

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@itwongo said:

For those on PC, I've found that a player's PC performance stat is directly proportional to how well the game will go. I straight up refuse to play with people with a C grade or lower.

Is that actually what that means? I thought it was the player's performance on the PC platform. Your thing makes a lot more sense.

Nope, it definitely is their PC's performance. It's a tad spotty as people with an S performance can still produce laggy/choppy matches, but typically I just sit in the lobby and watch the MS count stabilize before I ready up.

I believe my own performance hovers between a B and an S. Really weird.

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I've been playing a lot of Kick and Stream; two characters on pretty extreme ends of the spectrum.

As Kick, I focus on building meter and "slowly" taking away my opponents space. I'll stay in a neutral area and try to bait out a bad decision because Kick's kickback/kick reaction time is pretty ridiculous. If I get meter and an inactive opponent, I'll go for a Party Starter setup or go in hard with New Angle. Either way, I'm a counter-kicker until I get momentum and confidence.

As Stream, I just focus on being as tricky as possible. Whether that means doing absolutely nothing besides evading (Stream's double jump and escape options make him ridiculously slippery when you're just focusing on not getting hit) or throwing out his funky drill kick to probe for a tricky kill, I just want to be unpredictable. His specials add to this game, and Flame Bait in particular can set up one of the few headshot situations I can consistently land. My problem with him is he relies on making your opponent act and throwing him/her off their game. If the opponent isn't doing anything or they're not getting flustered, I have the potential to be flustered myself and to make some really really really really really dumb decisions.

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I can dig it, game's not gonna be for everyone. However, I'd say to maybe look up some guides for characters and get in on the online scene. Like any fighting game, the Arcade/Story mode is against some potentially cheap AI. It's a whole different animal online.

But again, if you're not feelin' it, no shame in it. Plenty of other stuff to play.