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GB doesn't review games done by friends of the site, pretty standard. They didn't review Bastion for that reason.


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Generally I believe Baz wants you to get mind fucked due to the lightning's delay. He wants you to hang yourself but you really have to do the same to him. If you have to, read your opponent's lightning habits and take it slow.

Seems like sound advice. I did HORRENDOUSLY today online (dippin' below .500), but Baz doesn't really scare me too much anymore. I try not to get psyched out round to round and if he catches me with a lucky bolt I just reset and take the next round as if it never happened.

I've switched to Kick, and with a the dive gem it seems he's not too tough to rush in against and get him to panic.

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I'm usin' a lot of Markman and Dive right now. Looking to maybe get into S-Kill here in a bit.

I use A button as my dive and LT as my kick. Don't ask me why those are the buttons I use...

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I'll throw my hat in the ring, if only so I can recognize a few more names online

System: Steam

Name: ImperiousRix

Region: US West Coast

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I've had a lot of success just being overly offensive. I'm still mainly playing Markman, and though I typically play everyone else slower and use his stupid gimmicks, against Baz I just pick Dive gem and go straight at him. It's not a 100% effective strategy, as a smart Baz will recognize what I'm trying to do and change up his strategy, but it works well enough for now.

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@turboman said:

As schultz, I just straight up attack Baz and hope for the best. Most are trying to build kick factor and aren't defending themselves at all.

This actually worked a good amount in my last session. It's crazy how many Baz-ez-es-es are just trying to build meter and absolutely nothing else.

Having better reactions goes a long way, since the Baz, when attacking, telegraphs his advances pretty far ahead of time. He has to jump, aim his kick, then finally come towards you. During the kick-aiming portion, decide if you should just do a kickback, or try to jump clear above the Baz so that he lightning-kicks under you. Or something character-specific, like if you think he's about to do a horizontal lightning-kick, Redacted could crouch under it. Also, if you're standing on the ground and he makes lightning above you, you sorta just need to have the reactions/self-control to not jump right into it like an idiot.

Like others are saying, going in on him from far away is risky, because he can judge when you'll reach him and make lightning accordingly (if he's good). So wait it out, and he'll probably screw up and end a lightning kick way too close to you, at which point just do a short jump and kick.

Also, if you feel like you're getting backed into a corner, just go for a max height jump and kick your way across the whole screen, because only the best Baz players are any good at mid-air interceptions, and if anything he might panic and throw out a random kick and end up way to close to you and then you can just crush him.

Good breakdown. I definitely just have to see more Baz players and experiment with my movement. Too often I'm just overwhelmed by how differently he plays than everyone else.

Jefailey shines at kicking him in the face when he does the horizontal lighting. I found him to also be good when Baz tries to get close to use a short angle as Jefailey's standard jump is so pathetically downward. That's my best thought so far for dealing with him.

Glad to see some Jefaileys actually finding success. I'm terrible with him, but I'd hoped the character would have a presence.

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Wow, that's an amazing idea in theory. As long as it's confirmed to work, I can see that being the most authentic Divekick experience outside of snagging a Kickbox for yourself.

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@kro said:

The only real luck I've had against Baz is trying to wait for him to make the first commitment and then react. But its super specific to do that because his lightning trail.

Yep, I've tried starting the match off with a kickback if the Baz tries to do a big horizontal push across the screen so I end up right next to him when he lands. HOWEVER, this really don't work all that often and I typically just get pushed into said corner and get demolished.

Baz banned from EVO


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So I've played a ton of Divekick today and, although it's only day one, I'm already starting to suss out the way a lot of characters play.

HOWEVER, one character I CANNOT fight against at all is The Baz. I just don't get him. Seriously, I get destroyed by about 90% of Baz-es-es I face.

Thus, I turn to the esteemed fighting game community of GB; how do I deal with this guy? I am working on maining Markman, but I feel like he's a terrible match-up against Baz. I also play Dive, and though I can see him being a tad more effect, I'm still puzzled as to what to do against this dude.

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Yep, I couldn't help but do a double take and then laugh.

Good on ya, Dave.