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Not sure. I'd surmise it's most likely he's only part Native American, if he is at all. He does seem to have darker skin and features that would suggest he isn't 100% Anglo-Saxon, but as with anything, these are all just theories until we see the game itself.

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That's what I was thinking. Early Colonial America isn't exactly known for towering structures or sprawling metropolises, so I wouldn't be surprised if the mechanics of this game differ wildly from the past games in the series.

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Looks like snow to me!

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Yep. I'm really excited to see what kinds of new gadgets and weaponry will get implemented wit the new setting. We already know hatchets, a bow and arrow, muskets and of course the hidden blade, but I wonder what else they've got cooked up for the new protagonist.

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Posted not 4 minutes ago by the Assassin's Creed Facebook page, the box art for ACIII

Confirms the American Revolution setting (but you already knew that) and continues to hint heavily that the protagonist is Native American (again, not exactly new). Overall, I think it's a pretty damn cool bit of art, and definitely the best box art in the series.


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@deskp: That's the thing. I'm not sure there was a ton of huge structures during the early colonial days of America.

Which makes me wonder if THAT'S how the series will renew itself; make the verticality and established mechanics scarce in favor of developing new and different elements for the series. Of course this is all just speculation, but aren't we all just spitballing at this point?

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Kotaku's posted up a larger picture of the dude with George Washington.

Definitely looks like he's pointing the way across the Delaware. Probably reading far too much into this, but I think it gives more credence to the theory of him being Native American. How so? Because if he's indeed guiding Washington, he wouldn't be unlike Sacagawea who helped guide Lewis and Clark and was similarly painted pointing in EVERY GODDAMN PAINTING of her with the two dudes.

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Just saw this, and that's pretty cool. For some reason, whenever I heard people propose the American Revolution as a possible setting, I always pictured the protagonist being an extremely stereotypical colonial 'Son of Liberty'. Never thought he'd possibly be Native American, part Native American, or at least highly influenced by Native American trappings and weaponry. Seems obvious now, in retrospect.

Cool beans, I say.

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Alright, this is pretty hilarious. I would like to talk with this dude over a few Capri-Suns.

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I will accept Aris' apology, but his assertions that this is what the culture of the FGC is based around is still ludicrous. I understand and sincerely feel for the fact that, when he talked to Jared, he probably was a bit heated and wanted to defend the thing that he loved, but just because something has been a way for '15 years' does not mean that some element of change or evolution is not recommended.

It's funny he should also mention the arcade scene, too, as Greg Kasavin weighed in on Twitter yesterday saying that he felt that 'back in the day', because internet anonymity and all that wasn't part of the 'scene', you had to be a bit more polite and respectful to everyone because (SURPRISINGLY) you didn't want to be ostracized from the local arcade for being a complete dick.

And if I may just riff for one last second, I hope against hope that fighting games do receive a bit more mainstream love, even if that means enforcement of a code of conduct. I feel the, as I said in the last post, that there's such a great opportunity to foster this huge community and following, and one that's based on the actual mechanics of the game. I want 'HYPE' to have as positive a connotation as anything else in games. I want people to think that they can learn to play the games with feeling only the required minimum of hostile resistance, and not an overwhelming sense of it.